Advertising Display Screen Suppliers

Advertising Display Screen Suppliers

Advertising Display Screen Supplier

When searching for the right Advertising Display Screen Supplier, you need to take certain factors into consideration. For example, a high-quality product must be lightweight and portable. It should be easy to install and transport, and can be set up and ready to go within minutes. Additionally, a supplier must have a good reputation with clients.

Prismaflex International

Prismaflex International is a company based near Lyon, France that specializes in outdoor advertising solutions and digital printing. It is a leading manufacturer and integrator of LED screens and other wide-format digital printing solutions. The company has over 350 employees in ten locations around the world. Its consolidated turnover in the fiscal year of March 2017 was 50.1 million euros.

The company has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing digital advertising displays. It has also developed a range of integrated LED screens for street furniture. These are specifically designed for the DOOH (Distributed Out-of-Home) advertising market. They feature 2.9-mm pitch, which allows for high-quality LED content. Advertising Display Screen Supplier The company offers a complete service offer, from designing and manufacturing to installation.

The company recently announced that it has acquired 50% of Anthem Displays, LLC. Anthem Displays will operate as a subsidiary of Prismaflex International. The company will continue to provide its services worldwide, including in all 50 states. In addition, it plans to consolidate its electronics and firmware operations in its Boulder, Colorado location.


The Rigard LED company is a leading global LED screen manufacturer, specializing in large-scale LED display screens and digital LED signs. The company provides fixed and movable indoor and outdoor LED screens and ancillary solutions Advertising Display Screen Supplier for any occasion. The Rigard LED products are widely used in large-scale events, sports arenas, and broadcast facilities.


Viewpointec is an advertising display screen provider with a diverse range of products and services. Their LED screens are ideal for indoor applications, as they deliver high-quality images and smooth transitions. With a worldwide presence, they have the resources and expertise to service almost every type of project.

They have over 15 years of experience in the supply of innovative LED screens. These screens can be customized to meet individual needs. They also come with a range of features including high-definition, fine pixel-pitch, anti-dust, and wide view angles. Many leading broadcasters have chosen Viewpointec LED displays for their projects.

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