Automatically Boxed Beam Machine

Automatically Boxed Beam Machine

automatically boxed beam machine

If you are in the construction industry, you will definitely find a machine that is called an “automatically boxed beam machine.” This machine is very useful and easy to operate. You can easily work on it if you follow some simple guidelines. However, you should be aware of some things before you actually install the device on your site.

Assembly structure

The invention relates to an automatically boxed beam machine assembly structure and a method for its assembling. This device is applicable to a wide range of different box column sizes. Box columns with rectangular cross sections and obtuse-angle sides can be fabricated by the present invention.

The box-column pre-assembly of the present invention is a tack-welded box-column pre-assembly consisting of four plate components. Each component has a length of about 16 inches and an equal lateral width. automatically boxed beam machine These four components are tack-welded together using small internal tack-welded blocks. Typically, the lateral edges are laterally spaced and chamfered. These lateral edges form weld-awaiting valleys.

A box column pre-assembly is received by a rotational support structure and rotated 180-degrees about axes 22e, 32. This rotated pre-assembly is held in a horizontal position by a series of specially constructed rotational support closure structures. Each support structure includes a yoke-carried openable/closable collar and a collar reception zone. Clamping shoes, partial reattached to the lower collar sections, provide a lateral stabilization to the assembly.

The rotational support closure structures are selectively partially open and close to accommodate continuous-action welding clearances without disturbing the stable positional relationships between pre-assembly components. When closed, each of the closed support structures is configured to receive an associated box-column pre-assembly and to maintain it in a horizontal position.

One feature of the present invention is that the apparatus has a special device for adjusting the positioning of the baffler assembly in the middle of the box-beam. The orientation-fixing device ensures the correct positioning of the baffler assembly and prevents distortion in welding. To do this, the apparatus has a flywheel located on top of a rigging beam. An operator controls the flywheel from a remote location. As the apparatus moves along the axis, the rigging beam is rotated to the desired angular angle.

Another feature of the present invention is that the box-column assembly consists of an elongate frame defining an axis. Each support structure has a central throughpassage. The throughpassage has an obtuse-angle side and a straight-angle side. Both obtuse-angle sides are spaced so that the spacing between the obtuse-angle sides is greater than the cross-sectional lateral dimension of the box-column pre-assembly. In addition, the throughpassage is designed to facilitate unimpeded movement of the welding head.

The apparatus also has a rotational assembly axis. The axis is defined by plural rotational support structures, including yokes, which provide support and closure for the box-column pre-assembly. Openable/closable collars are also provided to provide a stable support for the box-column pre-assembly. All of the rotational support closure structures are opened in succession, and each one is configured to receive an associated box-column assembling pre-assembly.

The present invention also enables the manufacture of a variety of different box-column sizes and shapes. The size variations will become apparent when the apparatus-componentry description is detailed.

Operation structure

An automatically boxed beam machine has an important role to play in the fabrication process. It provides the capability to weld, mark, and cut profiles in a single pass. In addition, it can also be integrated into a complete production line.

The Voortman Fabricator is one such system. This system was developed by the Voortman Company to offer an automated, streamlined workflow, and is designed to weld the smallest connections in the steel fabrication industry. For example, it can be used to weld angles, box sections, and U-sections, among other things. To do so, it incorporates an in-place Shot blaster, a seam tracker, and a shot blaster infeed system. These technologies are used to reliably and efficiently route profile cuts to the drill chuck, and to mark and cut profiles before and after welding.

The Voortman company also developed an Automatic magnetic crane for simultaneous loading automatically boxed beam machine and unloading of work pieces. This device allows for a seamless transfer of work pieces from one end of the facility to the other, and is available in various sizes. Another nifty function of the Fabricator is its ability to provide data analysis capabilities. This data can be used to expand the system’s capabilities. By analyzing the data, an automatic welding strategy can be devised to take advantage of material tolerances, and a corrective welding procedure can be applied if the information is erroneous.

Another impressive piece of technology is the Voortman patented Multi System Integration, a fully automated beam processing line. This includes the ability to weld, mark, and cut a variety of profiles, including H-, box-beam, U-sections, and angle shapes. As part of the partnership with Reijrink, the Voortman company offers this product to customers who want to test it out in the real world.

Other features of this automatic boxed beam machine include an orientation-fixing device and a bevel-side fillet-welding seam. With these features, the machine is able to ensure that the baffler assembly is properly positioned and prevents distortion during welding. There are also nine straight-line cutting torches in the CNC cutting machine.

One of the more practical aspects of this machine is its ability to detect the shortest path to a welding seam. It can do this by monitoring the welding torch’s movements. Additionally, the system can use an inverter to control the speed at which the welding torch is able to weld. This enables the machine to weld both symmetric and non-symmetric H-and-T beams.

Although there is no single definitive answer as to what the most efficient and cost-effective way is to construct a beam using automatic boxed beam machinery, the fact is that this equipment can achieve significant savings in labor costs. Furthermore, it is a more reliable alternative to tame arc welding.

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