Boost Your Client’s Fitness With an Underwater Treadmill Pool

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Boost Your Client’s Fitness With an Underwater Treadmill Pool

Adding an underwater treadmill to your facility can boost your client’s fitness regimen with a unique exercise experience that benefits both their body and mind. Find out why clients love this innovative option.

Physical therapy clinics and athletic training rooms use this patented technology to deliver immediate rehabilitation results with less pain and stress than land workouts. But the pool’s benefits don’t stop there.

Low-Impact Running and Walking

Running and walking are both beneficial workouts for your health, whether you choose to do them indoors or outside. They both burn calories, increase leg strength, and improve balance and posture. However, running can also be hard on your joints and bones. That’s why it’s important to alternate this high-intensity exercise with other types of training.

With a treadmill pool, you can walk at a speed that works best for your body’s needs and exercise goals. For example, you can use a higher incline on the treadmill to mimic a brisk outdoor pace. This can be a good way treadmill pool to train your legs and lungs to get used to exercising at a faster rate while still feeling comfortable.

Additionally, you can walk in the water with a gentle current that provides resistance and challenges your muscles. This can make the workout more fun and challenging while also reducing joint stress.

In addition to burning calories, walking on a treadmill can help you build and maintain a healthy weight. This is because this type of workout can reduce your heart disease risk by strengthening your leg muscles and improving your balance, which can decrease the chance of falls that can lead to injuries. It’s important to stick with walking workouts as part of your exercise routine to reap the many benefits.

Increased Muscle Strength

Running on a treadmill engages leg muscles, which helps build strength. But if you incline the treadmill, your glutes and back muscles will also be strengthened. You’ll tone your abdominal muscles as you swing your arms when running, too. Treadmill workouts can be customized to your goals by adjusting the incline and speed. In one study, participants who alternated treadmill and land strength training saw greater improvements in their hip and leg strength than individuals who only performed treadmill exercise.

When using the treadmill, start with a warm-up and cool-down period. Don’t increase the intensity and duration of your workouts too quickly, and avoid sudden increases in weight or speed. Always hydrate before and during your workout. If you experience muscle cramps or a sore back, reduce the amount of time you spend on the treadmill and try different exercises that target a different set of muscles.

Treadmill workouts may also help improve heart health by strengthening the muscles that support your cardiovascular system. This helps to lower blood pressure and improves the ability of your heart to pump blood more effectively, which can help prevent cardiovascular disease and vascular problems. If you’re concerned about your heart health, consult with a physician or fitness professional to discuss how treadmill exercise can help you.

Improved Posture and Gait

Using a treadmill can help you build your balance, and this type of exercise also helps improve posture. However, it’s important to remember that walking on a treadmill can cause you to hunch over or grab the handrails for support. This can negatively impact your posture and weaken your core muscles, reducing the effectiveness of your workout. Try to avoid the handrails if possible and focus on maintaining good posture during your treadmill walks.

Walking on a treadmill with an incline is another effective way to improve your balance and gait. One study compared the effects of treadmill training with and without virtual reality on gait speed, stability, and satisfaction in people with spastic cerebral palsy. The results of the study showed that treadmill training with virtual reality led to significantly better gait speed and stability than the conventional treadmill training group. Additionally, there was less variability in the stance and swing phase of the gait cycle.

At Lakeview Village in Lenexa, Kansas, a HydroWorx zero gravity aquatic treadmill pool is used by physical therapists to improve the mobility of residents. The unique combination of relaxing water and treadmill workouts promotes strength building, joint health, and a variety of other benefits. The therapy can also reduce pain and improve the overall quality of life for treadmill pool residents with mobility issues, allowing them to live their best lives in an active community.

Reduced Stress on Joints and Bones

Exercise can help reduce the amount of stress on your joints, especially if you choose low-impact exercises. Regular aerobic activity, such as walking, swimming and water aerobics, can strengthen muscles and improve balance and mobility. However, some types of aerobic exercise are too strenuous for individuals with joint problems.

Treadmill pools allow people to enjoy the benefits of aerobic exercise without putting too much pressure on their knees and hips. In a treadmill pool, the buoyancy of the water helps take some of the weight off the body and provides resistance that encourages the muscles to work harder than they would on land.

Individuals with osteoarthritis can enjoy the benefits of a total-body workout while experiencing less joint pain and stiffness afterward. Studies have shown that individuals with arthritic knees experience reduced inflammation and improved range of motion in their joints after exercising in the water, and those who swim regularly have increased muscle strength.

Treadmill pool fitness is gaining popularity among elite athletes, physical therapy clinics and senior living communities. If you are interested in learning more about how an underwater treadmill can enhance the wellness program at your facility, request a free information kit today. Our kits include detailed descriptions of the equipment available as well as financing options to meet your needs.

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