Commercial Water Play Equipment

commercial water play equipment

Commercial Water Play Equipment

Cool off kids and boost your park’s appeal with the fun of commercial water play equipment. In addition to providing a refreshing break from hot playground equipment, playing in water promotes healthy physical activity and social interaction.

Interactive aquatic playground equipment provides a sensory rich, inclusive, nature play experience for children of all ages and abilities. Explore a variety of themed commercial commercial water play equipment water park equipment from Landscape Structures, including:

Water Slides

Water slides are an excellent way to keep kids cool during summer and have a great time at the same time. They are also a great addition to any pool or water park and provide an amazing experience for visitors. They are easy to use and can be inflated in minutes making them very convenient for parents. They also require less water compared to pools and permanent slides.

A water slide works by using the force of gravity to pull riders down and water as a lubricant to reduce friction. Many types of slides exist, ranging from twisting, turning tube rides to near vertical drops. They are designed for different age groups and thrill levels.

Water slides can help boost revenue and draw in new customers. They can be used as a standalone attraction or included in a day pass or seasonal pass. They can also be added as an extra feature to your existing water park and make your facility stand out from the competition. After a water slide has been used, it is important to hose down and thoroughly dry it. This will help prevent mildew and mold from forming.

Dump Buckets

Easily handle material on highway construction sites, trenches or roadways without obstructing traffic. The side dump bucket is an excellent solution for tunnel construction and other applications where a little extra clearance is required. The bucket can doze, dig, carry and dump materials, as well as grip debris (like a grapple) and grade and level dirt.

High-Dump Buckets give your loader greatly increased dump height, allowing you to reach over trucks and other material handling equipment to unload more precisely, saving time and money. They also allow for easier dumping in tight work areas and congested environments.

Our high dump buckets are available in a variety of sizes, capacities and shapes to suit your specific needs. They feature dual-cushioned, Rockland built cylinders for safe and smooth operation. A hydraulic lock prevents the bucket from side pivoting during dumping and filling, and an auto-lock secures the non-pivot end for normal dumping and loading.

The cylinders are located in the outer pocket of the bucket, moving them away from areas where materials might stick and reduce capacity. This reduces cylinder wear and maintenance costs, as well as extends bucket life.

Ground Sprays

Ground sprays are popular water play elements for toddlers and older children. They are flush mounted and provide a variety of water effects without blocking sightlines. They’re a fun way for kids to cool off and remind adults of running through lawn sprinklers as a youth. Ground sprays can also be used to create pathways and transition areas between age-appropriate play zones at a spray park or aquatic playground.

Vortex’s PodSpray ground sprays use an innovative new technology to reduce water usage. They commercial water play equipment have an architecturally inspired body made of unplasticized polyvinyl chloride and spray heads of ultra high molecular weight polyurethane to withstand harsh wear and tear from rough ground surfaces.

CR Design Studio offers an array of ground spray products to enhance your aquatic park or splash pad design. Whether you need simple misters or bubblers for adjacent water play areas at a playground, or a complete splash pad design with a theme, our team is ready to assist your facility. Our designers can provide 3D designs, construction drawings, facilitating local and state permitting, site supervision and system start up.

Special Effects

Water play equipment like sand and water tables are excellent additions to playgrounds because they allow children to engage in relaxing, imaginative play. Many sand and water stations are designed to look like natural streams or riverways to add an extra element of fun to the games and activities kids create during their play. Plastic sand and water equipment is also lighter, easier to install, clean and maintain than metal products which helps to keep costs down at installation and throughout the life of the equipment.

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