Electric Motorcycles Supplier

Electric Motorcycles supplier

Electric Motorcycles Supplier

Electric Motorcycles are a growing market, but they’re also a competitive industry. Manufacturers must stay on top of trends and consumer preferences to succeed in the sector. This requires a deep understanding of the competitive landscape and unique selling propositions.

Energica is well versed in electric technology, with its Ego sportsbike and Eva hyper naked. However, it aims its bikes at the premium end of the market.

Kollter USA

The Kollter RS1 is a premium electric motorcycle that is designed to tackle tough terrains. It features a powerful, high-efficiency motor and a large capacity battery that can deliver between 65 and 130 miles of range. It also has a dual hydraulic disc braking system and keyless operation.

The motor in the Kollter ES1-PRO-L is made using the latest axial flux technology. The 72V, 10kW, 5,100 RPM motor delivers a peak torque of 220 Nm. Its central axial flux design offers high usable power and torque densities while maintaining high motor efficiency. The motor is equipped with a sine wave controller, which offers silent operation and programmable capabilities. This allows riders to choose between racing mode for immediate torque and proportional acceleration, or eco-mode for maximum regenerative braking efficiency.

This motor is paired with a pair of 72V 32Ah batteries, which can be charged from 0 to 100% in just four hours. The batteries are removable, which Electric Motorcycles supplier gives you the flexibility to ride in different road conditions. This model is able to offer an incredible 130 km range on a full charge in ECO mode.

The bike also has a unique combined braking system that uses a single right hand lever to activate both the front and rear brakes simultaneously. This feature offers enhanced safety and helps you save on energy consumption.

Kollter Europe

Kollter Europe offers an alternative to ICE motorcycles with its cutting-edge electric dirt bikes. The company’s new ES1 is the latest in a long line of innovative electric dirt bikes and heralds a new era for sustainable high-performance off-road biking.

Unlike ICE motorcycles, which emit dangerous gases into the air, electric bikes have no emissions. They’re also silent, making them an ideal choice for people who live in urban areas. Moreover, they offer several other benefits, including the ability to bypass traffic congestion and avoid road pollution. In addition, the bikes are easy to maneuver and can be used in tight spaces.

The 2022 version of the TS1 is twice as powerful as the previous one and has a speed of up to 120km per hour. Its two removable batteries work in parallel and give the bike a range of more than 4 hours. The TS1 is currently only available in Europe and sells for 14,361 euros.

In response to sky-high gas prices, steady inflation, and growing concern over climate change, sales of light electric vehicles have jumped 250% in Canada. Greenwit Technologies, the exclusive distributor of Super Soco, Horwin, and Kollter electric motorcycles in Canada, predicts that this trend will continue to grow. Electric motorcycles can compete with ICE vehicles in terms of speed and traveling distance, and are ideal for people who want the fun of riding a motorcycle without the hassle of maintaining a vehicle or finding parking.

Kollter Asia

As the demand for electric cars accelerates, some companies are betting that e-motorcycles will be the next big thing. Some brands, such as CAKE, are focusing on scooters, while others are tackling the bigger bikes. But one company, Gogoro, is going after a different niche – markets in Southeast Asia, where millions of people ride motorcycles.

Gogoro is not a motorcycle manufacturer, per se, but it does manufacture the batteries that power them. Unlike the lithium-ion batteries found in EV cars, which are expensive to produce and charge, Gogoro uses cheaper nickel-metal hydride batteries. Those batteries, which cost about half as much to produce and charge, are also cheaper to maintain, making them more affordable than their ICE counterparts.

The result is a motorcycle that can run for about 72 miles at a top speed of 65 mph, and the company expects to sell tens of thousands of them in 2023. As a bonus, its batteries can be charged in about three to four hours.

Compared to traditional motorcycles, which require lots of lubrication and adjusting, the Kollter ES1 is relatively easy to maintain, reports Electrek. And, because of its lightweight design, it’s also easier to maneuver. Hopefully, that’s enough to attract some of the millions of riders who use motorcycles in places where roads Electric Motorcycles supplier are too narrow for buses or other forms of conventional mass transportation.

Kollter Middle East

Kollter Middle East is an innovative technology company that creates innovative designs with cutting-edge technology while maintaining reliability & safety. Focused on smart travel, they continue to work towards revolutionary & efficient solutions for your next adventure!

Currently, they have distributors worldwide including USA, Asia, Europe, UK, Chile and Mexico. Their latest 2021 and 2022 ES1 US models feature two 4.7 KWH removable batteries that work in parallel, allowing for speeds up to 65+ mph.

The UAE is a great market for Blitz e-motorcycles, as many large last mile delivery services use traditional motorcycles in their fleets. This is mainly due to the high cost associated with importing cars from other countries when compared to localizing parts. This allows for lower costs and higher sales for the companies. However, this is changing as more and more companies localize parts for their cars. Eventually this will reduce the overall cost of the car.

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