Electric Stacker Truck

Electric Stacker Truck

Electric stacker trucks are a fantastic choice for businesses that have material handling demands that exceed what is offered by pallet trucks. They are lightweight, quiet and environmentally friendly.

Before choosing an electric stacker truck you should consider the size of your business, how many pallets you need shifted per day and whether or not you are going to expand in the future. It is also worth considering the load capacity and battery life you require.

They are easy to operate

Electric stackers are easy to operate, requiring minimal training. In addition, they do not electric stacker truck require a licence to use. However, it is important to note that operators must follow safety and operating procedures when utilising these trucks.

There are various types of stackers available, each designed to suit a specific application or warehouse environment. Depending on the size of your business, how many pallets you need shifted per day, and whether or not you are planning to expand in the future, you should consider what type of stacker truck will work best for your needs.

The power type of the stacker can also influence its ease of operation. Most pallet stackers can be powered by manual, semi-electric, or electric means. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. Manual models are the most budget friendly, but they are slower than semi-electric or electric models.

Another key factor to consider is the height at which you need to stack goods. Some models have a mono mast and are ideal for smaller spaces and lighter loads. Others have a double mast and are suitable for higher lift heights. EP Equipmentā€™s range of powered stackers have the drive wheel located on the left-hand side of the truck and utilise 3 additional points of contact with support wheels to create maximised stability. This provides superior drive force whilst reducing the risk of operator fatigue.

They are environmentally friendly

Unlike forklifts, electric stackers do not require fossil fuels and emit fewer harmful fumes. They can operate for long hours without requiring maintenance or charging, and they are also cheaper to run. In addition, they can operate in a wider range of environments, including cold stores and production halls.

Electric stacker trucks are available in a variety of models, depending on your specific needs. If you need to transport goods over short distances, consider a walkie straddle stacker, which has legs that straddle the load for stability. These models take up less space than traditional forklifts, making them suitable for small warehouses and storerooms.

For longer distances, consider an electric side-seated stacker. These models can be used both in pedestrian and ride-on modes, allowing you to maximize the efficiency of your storage space. They can be a great choice for larger warehouses and are easy to maneuver, especially in narrow aisles.

Another advantage of using an electric stacker truck is that it reduces the risk of injury to your workers. Manually transporting a pallet of heavy goods can put strain on the backs, arms and shoulders of your employees, and can even cause permanent injuries. An electric stacker truck can eliminate these issues, reducing the need for costly compensation claims. It also helps streamline the logistics process by minimizing time spent loading and unloading delivery trucks.

They are affordable

Compared to forklifts, electric stacker trucks are cheaper and more efficient. They are also safe to use. Their compact size makes them easy to maneuver in tight spaces. They can lift up to 1600kg and have a lift height of up to 4.8 metres. They are powered by lithium ion batteries and are eco-friendly. These batteries are easy to recharge and do not require any maintenance.

There are a number of different types of electric stackers available on the market. The best one for your business will depend on a variety of factors, including how many pallets you need to shift per day and if you plan to expand your operations in the future. If you are unsure of what type to choose, consult with an expert to get advice on the best electric stacker for your needs.

A semi electric stacker is the perfect solution for businesses that require a more advanced material handling machine than a manual or electric pallet truck but do not need all the features of a full-scale forklift. In addition, the cost of a semi electric stacker is lower than that of a forklift because there is no need to buy a battery and charger.

The PWT13-PWT18 straddle stacker offers precise control when traveling at any speed and when retrieving or putting away loads. Its compact design makes it ideal for moving fragile loads onto racking or the floor. The stacker has an advanced AC drive motor and battery system that provides smooth, powerful performance. It is easy to operate, with a large, red emergency shut-off switch that enables quick, intuitive shutdown. It also comes with an hour meter/battery discharge indicator to keep track of battery usage and reserve power at a glance.

They are safe

Compared to forklifts, electric stacker trucks are safer and more efficient. They are also easy to maneuver and do not require fuel or emit harmful gases. They are also less expensive and easier to maintain, making them a great option for warehouses that cannot afford to purchase a full-sized forklift.

Despite their safety features, electric stacker trucks should be operated carefully to ensure that the load is secure. Unsecured loads can cause injury to pedestrians and drivers. To prevent this, it is important to use ropes or straps to secure the loads. Additionally, electric stacker truck the operator should be sure not to carry more weight than what is recommended by the manufacturer. Overweight loads will put strain on the truck and increase the risk of injuries.

There are three primary applications for stacker trucks: serving racks, trans-shipping and transporting palletized goods, and occasional order picking. They are available in several different models: pedestrian-controlled trucks with hinged or fixed stand-on platforms, ride-on versions for short transport routes and sideways seated ones for long transport routes.

The full electric stacker trucks can lift and move heavy objects without any physical effort, and they can perform ups and downs and walk forward and backward without any manual operation. This function is more powerful than semi-electric stackers and can save costs for a warehouse.

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