Factors to Consider When Using an International Shipping Service

Factors to Consider When Using an International Shipping Service

When it comes to shipping internationally, there are several factors to consider. You want to make sure your shipments arrive at their destination quickly and securely.

A good international shipping service will be able to provide you with a quick delivery time and offer competitive rates. This article will discuss the four things to look for in a good international shipping company: Price, Time, Safety, and Documentation.


International shipping is often more expensive than domestic shipping because of factors like fuel surcharges, minimum package charges, and accessory fees. However, there are ways to minimize these costs by using a discount shipping partner. You can also save on international shipping rates by comparing prices and services through a shipping calculator.

International freight rates are driven by global trade flows and are influenced by competition among providers. This is particularly true of import and export routes. This creates a dynamic and highly volatile pricing environment. When negotiating contracts, it’s a good idea to consider the economic conditions and capacity constraints on certain routes prior to engaging in the negotiation process.

The price of international shipping service also depends on the country where you’re shipping to and from. Each country has different customs laws and duties that need to be paid upon delivery, which can add up quickly. For this reason, it’s important international shipping solutions to be transparent with customers about the cost of your international shipments.

Many companies offer a variety of shipping options to meet their customer’s needs, but the right one for you depends on your needs and your budget. It’s important to research each carrier and service to find out which ones are the most affordable for your specific needs. A great way to do this is by using a shipping calculator, such as the one offered by Easyship. This calculator gives you a weight-based rate quote that’s accurate and sourced in real time from courier websites.


The time required to process an international shipping service depends on several factors. These include the size of the package and its destination, the chosen shipping method (air, ocean, or trucking freight), and customs procedures. In addition, inclement weather can cause delays in transporting shipments. Customs duties and taxes must also be collected and paid, which can add up to a significant amount of time.

The timing of peak seasons and holidays can also impact shipping times. During these periods, the volume of shipments can overwhelm shipping companies and customs authorities, resulting in delays. Additionally, some countries do not follow a standardized calendar for holidays, so a day that is a holiday in one country may not be a holiday in another.

Whether you are selling a product online or in physical stores, you can use the right freight forwarding services to ensure your products are delivered quickly and securely to customers around the world. This will help you boost sales and expand your customer base. In addition, working with the right freight forwarding partners will simplify the entire shipping process and reduce your costs.


Maritime safety is essential to global trade, and improvements have been made in recent years. In 2022, the world’s shipping fleet lost fewer than 40 vessels of over 100 GT, down from 59 in 2017. These positive developments are due to better regulation, improved ship design and technology, increased focus on crew welfare, and an increase in the number of people trained to sail and operate ships.

International shipping offers many opportunities for businesses. For example, it helps e-commerce companies expand their customer base and reach new markets. In addition, it allows them to develop a deeper understanding of different cultures and customer behaviors, which can improve their marketing strategies and boost business performance.

When shipping internationally, it is important to familiarize yourself with customs regulations and requirements for each country to avoid delays or additional costs. This includes ensuring that your shipment meets size and weight international shipping solutions restrictions, as well as any special requirements for hazardous materials. In some cases, you may be required to provide a Safety Data Sheet (SDS), which is a document that outlines the safety measures for specific chemicals.

In addition, you should also work with a company that has an extensive network of delivery centers to ensure speedy and efficient service. This will help reduce your shipping costs and allow you to offer competitive prices to customers.


International shipping offers exciting opportunities for business growth, but it also comes with a number of responsibilities. It’s important to make sure that your shipping documentation complies with the regulations of both exporting and importing countries. This will ensure that your shipment is delivered in a timely manner and minimizes the risk of customs penalties and delays. In addition, it is essential to work with an experienced logistics provider or freight forwarder that understands the requirements of different countries and can prepare all necessary documentation accurately.

The most common international shipping documents include a commercial or proforma invoice, a packing list and an airway bill. The commercial invoice serves as proof of purchase and contains information such as the quantity, weight and description of the goods. The packing list is a separate document that contains a detailed listing of all items within the container, as well as the container’s dimensions and any specific marks or numbers. The airway bill is used to describe the transportation mode and the final destination of the goods.

Lastly, the shipper’s letter of instructions is an outline of all the specific export shipment details that need to be completed. This document may also provide a limited power of attorney to the freight forwarder to act on your behalf in case of any issues.

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