How to Choose the Right Paper Card Stock for Your Business

How to Choose the Right Paper Card Stock for Your Business

Paper cards are a great way to keep in touch with your customers. They can help your business stand out from competitors and make a positive impression on your customers.

Cardstock is similar to cover stock, but it’s thicker and more durable. It’s often used for handmade cards, invitations and other projects.

It’s Durable

Card stock is a thicker paper than standard paper, and it’s often used to create greeting cards, report covers, brochures, book and report covers, folders, and business cards. Cardstock thickness is measured by GSM (grams per square meter), with higher numbers indicating thicker, heavier paper. The weight of paper is also important, as heavier paper can handle heavy ink or marker without bleed. Paper with a heft to it feels premium, but it’s not necessarily expensive.

It’s Affordable

When you choose to order your business cards on a heavy cardstock, it’s an opportunity to present a professional image that conveys confidence and luxury. However, this doesn’t have to break the bank. With a variety of options available, there’s something for every budget. From 12 pt to 16 pt, standard business card weights offer affordability without sacrificing quality or durability. Heavier card stock also helps brochures, sell sheets and maps Paper Card stand up when folded. For added protection, opt for free aqueous or UV coating to protect your products from scratches and scuffs. This makes them more resistant to wear and tear in purses and pockets.

It’s Versatile

Paper cards are versatile and can be used in multiple ways. They’re the perfect way to exchange contact details, and can be printed in a range of styles and sizes. They can also be designed to reflect your company branding and to make an impression on people who receive them. A professional design can boost brand recognition and help you stand out from the competition.

A paper business card can be printed with your contact information, a logo, and other elements to create a unique design. It can even include a QR code that links to your vCard or website, so that new contacts can easily find the information they need. You can also add your social media handles to your card, so that new connections can follow you on Facebook or Twitter.

You can use a paper business card as an organizational tool, or a place to keep your writing notes, brainstorms, and other creative projects. They’re also great for writing down to-do lists or ideas while waiting in line or at an interminable meeting. You can even play simple games with them, like hangman or tic-tac-toe, and use them as bookmarks or art supplies wishlists.

Paper cards can also be used as gift tags. They’re compatible with the Evolis black monochrome ribbon BlackFlex RCT019NAA, and they can be decorated (drawn, painted, collaged or simply written): one card makes two tags. These paper cards are made from cellulose fibres without added plastic and have the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) label, which ensures that they are sourced from responsible forests. They’re also recyclable, and can be disposed of in recycling bins.

It’s Personalized

Card makes it easy to create a unique and special gift for your loved ones, whether you’re sending a heartfelt birthday greeting, a thank you note or a holiday card. With a variety of styles and designs to choose from, you can pick the paper color, inks and motifs that best suit your taste and personality. You can even add a bespoke handwritten message to create the perfect finishing touch.

Adding graphics and text is simple using Cricut Design Space, the free software that comes with every Joy machine. Just enter your desired font, and the machine cuts or draws the letters with one of its pens. In this case, the letters and little balloon drawings were drawn with DIN Stencil Heavy, a font that’s designed to work with thick paper like 80-pound cardstock.

Protect your cards from scratches and scuffs by adding a free aqueous or Soft Touch coating to both sides. It also enhances the mifare desfire ev3 colors and brightness of your designs. And if you want your card to stand out, add a spot UV to the front and back.

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