Inflatable Combos

Inflatable Combos

Inflatable Combos

Inflatable Combos are a great way to keep kids entertained at parties. They combine a bouncy castle and inflatable slide into one unit. Some also add obstacles like tunnel, pop ups and climbing walls to create a fun experience for kids.

These combo bouncy houses are perfect for birthdays, family gatherings and even crawfish boils. They are made of high-quality vinyl material to ensure durability and withstand heavy wear and tear.


Inflatables are a huge hit at any party or event and come in all shapes, sizes and themes. They can also be used as a fun way to exercise for kids. Bouncers and slides can help kids burn off excess energy so they’re ready for bed when it comes time for them to sleep. Plus, jumping and sliding are fun ways to get kids away from their devices and into the fresh air.

A quality inflatable is manufactured from high-quality vinyl and PVC materials. To create a structure like an inflatable combo, designers begin by creating a design on the computer using digital modeling software. This makes it easy for the designer to keep the vision of their client in mind while making sure the finished product will work in the real world.

The design is then broken down into smaller parts, such as the individual bounce house, slide and obstacles. The parts are then cut from the vinyl and PVC with a hot wire cutter or laser cutter. This ensures that the pieces are perfectly sized and ready for assembly.

While these pieces are being assembled, the blower is continuously running to keep the inflatables inflated. If a part becomes damaged or there is a puncture, it can usually be fixed with a quick patch. Because these inflatables are made of durable materials, they’re able to hold up against weather, loss of air pressure and small holes.

Bounce House Combos

Bounce house combos are perfect for parties. They have everything kids love about bounce houses—the jumping space—and add a fun slide for an extra element of play. They also allow children to exit the bounce house without touching the ground, which can be a challenge for younger children.

Some bounce house combos have a wet or dry slide, and some even have a water pool at the base of the slide. These are called wet Inflatable Combos or water combos and are safe to use when used properly.

The bounce house water slide combos are a great option for hot weather when kids want to cool down and have some fun. These combos are made in the USA and are commercial quality. They can be rented out to make money and can also be purchased for home use and backyard events.

The slide in a bounce house combo is much more exciting than the slides at playgrounds, which tend to be short and not very slick. The kids will enjoy the ride down and have a lot of fun. They’ll probably be so excited that they will be begging to go back up and do it again! This makes these combos a good choice for birthday parties and other special occasions. Buying or renting one is an investment that will pay off for years to come.

Inflatable Slides

The inflatable slides in these bounce house slide combos are a hit with kids, who love the chance to slide down and race each other. They’re much bigger than playground slides, and they feature premium materials that provide plenty of cushion for a thrill ride.

Most commercial-grade inflatable slides are made from thick, durable PVC or vinyl fabric. Manufacturers cut these sheets into panels according to a detailed pattern and sew them together with multi-filament nylon thread for long-lasting durability. They’re typically available in a wide array of colors and shapes to match the design of any event or attraction.

Inflatable slides come in wet/dry and dry-only models. Both types feature three major components: the body, the slide lane or lanes, and the climbing ramp. The body provides structural support for the inflatable, and it can feature a high bumper, an inflatable wall, or a small ramp to add extra excitement. The slide lanes are where the fun happens, and they may feature one or more curved lane paths.

A wet/dry slide is equipped with a splash pool at the base of the slide lane or lanes. It also features a loop or attachment for a water hose near the top of the body. When the water hose is turned on, the slide lanes remain wet for slippery thrills. Inflatable Combos When the hose is turned off, the slide becomes a dry-only model that can be used in winter or whenever water is not available.

Inflatable Games

Inflatable games provide an exciting way for people of all ages to compete against each other. These games level the playing field, give participants a chance to make hilarious social media posts and promote friendly competition. They also offer a large variety of options and can be used indoors or out.

Inflated games of skill can also encourage teamwork while giving guests the opportunity to prove they’re the best. Boxing and jousting tournaments are great for kids, while bungee runs and obstacle courses can bring out everyone’s competitive side.

For adults, try an inflatable Eliminator. This game challenges players to balance on pedestals while horizontal inflatable poles spin and attempt to knock them off. The player who stays on the longest wins!

If you’re looking for a way to combine football and basketball, consider the Inflatable Sports Game Trio. This inflatable can be set up for football, soccer or basketball and can accommodate up to three players at once for triple the fun.

For a less competitive but equally challenging inflatable game, try a sticky wall. This inflatable wall is covered in Velcro strips and allows people to take turns jumping on it. The last person to stick to the wall is declared the winner! These types of inflatable games are sure to be a hit at any event.

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