LED Bar Light

LED Bar Light

LED bar lights are a great way to add extra light to your truck, SUV, or Jeep. They are useful for off-roading, hunting, outdoor work, or just driving down an unlit road.

LED bars are available in many different lengths, shapes, and sizes. They come in a variety of colors, including white, amber, and blue.


LED lights aren’t as inexpensive as halogen or HID lights, but they last much longer and require little to no maintenance. These features can make them a great investment in your vehicle, saving you time and money over the long term.

The best way to find a quality LED light bar for your needs is to do your research. This will help you understand what to look for and avoid purchasing a poor-quality light that will waste your money and cause problems down the road.

Durability is a big factor when it comes to LED lights, especially if you’re planning on using them in rough off-road conditions. You don’t want to be stuck with a light bar that hasn’t been manufactured properly or isn’t designed to withstand the environment.

Thankfully, there are many LED light bar manufacturers that produce durable products. Some of them even manufacture their products in the United States.

Aside from durability, LED bar light LED bars are also highly customizable. They come in a variety of styles and colors, so you can customize the look of your vehicle to match your personal tastes.

Another important factor when it comes to LED bars is the beam pattern. You can choose from a spot beam pattern, which provides a narrow, focused beam that covers a large area, or a flood beam pattern, which gives a wider, more expansive spread of light.

You can also opt for a combination beam pattern, which offers both a spot and flood beam. This will help you see more in any situation and make driving more enjoyable. Lastly, you can choose from a range of lengths, including short, medium, and long bars.


If you’re looking for a durable LED bar light that will perform well in tough conditions, then there are many options to choose from. However, you should make sure to shop for one that fits your needs and budget.

You’ll want to look at the amount of brightness offered by an LED light bar, as this is a key determining factor. The higher the brightness, the better. Moreover, you’ll also want to consider the quality of the LEDs used.

When selecting an LED light bar, you should also check the beam pattern. There are different types of beam patterns, including floodlights, spotlights, combination spot and floodlight, scene, and driving. Each type has its own benefits for specific applications.

Another thing you’ll want to take into consideration is the warranty of an LED light bar. Cheap LED light bars often come with low warranties, so be sure to check this.

Additionally, you should look for a light that can withstand dust and water. This can be done by checking its IP68 rating, which is a number that indicates the degree of protection against dirt and water.

The best part about this type of lighting is that they can last for a long time, up to 50,000 hours. That means they can withstand rough weather and extreme temperature changes. These lights are also incredibly energy-efficient, which makes them an eco-friendly option. Plus, they can be installed easily. They also come in a variety of colors, which is another great feature to consider.

Beam pattern

LEDs are a form of semiconductor diode that uses electricity to propel light forward in the form of electroluminescence. They are extremely efficient, and are a great option for anyone who wants to reduce their energy consumption while still providing adequate illumination.

Another great benefit of LED bar lights is that they can be customized to your needs. Whether you need additional lighting for off-road driving, emergency signaling, security beams, or heavy equipment, there is a bar that is perfect for you!

If you have a larger vehicle, such as an SUV or truck, there are also options available for mounting the bar on top of the bumper or above the windshield. This allows you to customize your lighting and maximize visibility.

There are many different manufacturers of LED bar lights, so it is important to do your research and find one that you trust. This will ensure that you are getting the right lighting for your specific needs and will make sure that it will last for years to come.

For example, Rigid Industries has a strong reputation for designing and engineering their products in the United States. This makes them a good choice for those who are looking for quality lighting at an affordable price.

The company offers a variety of LED bars in lengths ranging from 4 inches to 50 inches. These bars are offered in spot or flood beam patterns and can be ordered in a combination of colors.

In addition to being durable and easy to install, these bars are also waterproof up to nine feet. This is a major advantage for anyone who needs their lighting to be functional in an environment that can be harsh.


LED lights are a popular alternative to traditional lighting options. They are more energy efficient and produce light at a higher intensity. They also have a longer lifespan than standard bulbs.

Whether you are looking to install an LED bar in your truck, home, or office, there are many different colors that you can choose from. However, it is important to know the difference between the different colors of LED lights so that you can make an informed decision.

Most LED bars are available in white or amber, which are good choices for any type of driving situation. Amber lights can help you see better in low-visibility conditions, while white light is ideal for nighttime driving.

Some of the best bars offer a variety of colors, which can make them more attractive. Some of the most popular colors are red, green, and blue, which are often used in emergency vehicles.

If you are planning to use the LED bar in a harsh environment, it is important to choose one that is durable and weather-resistant. Luckily, many of these bars are designed for heavy-duty use and feature rugged housing materials that can handle water, dust, and impact.

A lot of LED bars also come with a warranty, which is typically based on normal usage. This means that the manufacturer will repair or replace the product if it is found to be defective during normal use.

A quality LED bar will last for years, so it is important to choose one that fits your budget and expectations. There are hundreds of manufacturers on the market, so it is best to do your research and find a company that provides high-quality products.


If you’re looking for a LED light bar with a warranty, it doesn’t come easy. Because LEDs are so unique in their technology, they need a different life rating system than traditional lamps and fixtures.

While the life rating system might sound simple, it’s important to understand how it works. This way you can make an informed decision when choosing a LED lighting option.

For example, if you have an LED LED bar light with a L70 lifetime rating, that means the lamp will last for 70 years before it loses 20% of its output. This sounds like a lot of time, but keep in mind that you’ll only reach this mark about three-quarters of the way through the lighting’s average rated life.

In reality, you’ll need to run the lights for more than that amount of time. That’s why it’s essential to choose a product that has an extended warranty, so you can protect your investment and be confident that your lights will continue to shine bright.

You can find LED light bars that offer warranties from as long as 5 years and up to 49,930 hours of operation, depending on the model. You’ll need to provide proof of purchase upon making a claim under this warranty.

Another factor to consider is whether the LED bar has a water and dust resistance rating. This is usually a spec you’ll see on the light bar packaging and is an indicator of how it can handle being submerged for a period of time, or if it can withstand being sprayed with water. Most of the time, these are rated IP68 or above. This will ensure that your lights will be able to withstand being submerged in water and will also be able to handle being exposed to dirt.

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