Oil Mist Purifier


Oil Mist Purifier

Collects oil mist, maintains power output, keeps machines clean and safe to operate.

Air from the rotary pump is drawn into the unit through a stainless-steel woven mesh. There it meets a special filter that is specially shaped to attract and collect oil droplets. The oil is collected in the oleophilic fibers, grows into larger drops and drains out of the filter media by gravity.

The 3D Impact Separation Process

When metalworking fluids are used to cool and lubricate industrial machinery during the manufacturing process they create fine oil mist that can be aerosolized and carried into the air. This can cause a haze in the air, and leave a residue on equipment and surfaces. It can also be a health hazard, depending on the chemicals in the fluid. Prolonged exposure has been linked to respiratory conditions, such as asthma and chronic bronchitis.

An oil mist air cleaner is an essential piece of machinery for any workshop, as it removes the fine mist and prevents it from entering the air stream. This helps maintain a clean workplace and protects equipment from a coating of oil, which can be a hazard to work with and cause damage.

Juwei uses a 3D impact separation system that collects up to 70% of the oil molecules from the air and returns pure air back into the workshop, making it a truly holistic solution for the extraction of oil mist. The filter layer is made of a special stainless-steel woven mesh that can be easily removed and cleaned to prolong the lifespan of the filter.

The stainless-steel woven mesh prevents iron chips or debris from disrupting the filtration system, ensuring the optimum performance of the filter. The 3D impact separation process is an integral part of the filtration system, and works by creating irregular collisions between the stainless-steel fibers, which help to cling to the oil mist and remove it from the air. The droplets then grow and coalesce within the fiber intersections, allowing them to drain through the filter medium.

The Cyclone Effect

A tropical cyclone forms when air rises above the surface, cools and becomes saturated with water vapour. The resulting cold wake stirs and mixes the ocean’s surface water down to great depths, and can span hundreds of kilometers across the ocean.

OIL MIST PURIFIER uses the same principle to eliminate oil mist and improve machine shop ambient air quality. By extracting and separating the oil from the air, the OIL OIL MIST PURIFIER MIST PURIFIER can recover up to 95% of the oil for reuse in the machining process.

The OIL MIST PURIFIER has been tested to compare its clean and “wet” (saturated with oil) pressure drop and capture efficiency to branded and imitation crankcase oil separators commonly used for replacement or OE fitment. The OIL MIST PURIFIER was shown to be superior in both metrics, mainly due to the higher quality of the separation media within the filter compared with that in imitation models.

The Stainless-Steel Woven Mesh

Oil mist poses a different threat to your health than most dust and fumes because it is actually water mixed with oil. That means you need to use a special type of filter to collect it. Unlike regular filter media, which becomes saturated and less effective when it is wet, industrial oil mist filters work well even when they are saturated. They are called packed-bed filters and they feature a unique filtration process that pulls the oil from the air and allows it to drain away.

The first step in the oil mist filtration system is a stainless-steel woven mesh, which creates an irregular collision with the oil molecules in the air. The oil droplets stick to the woven metal fibers and accumulate on the screen until they are large enough to be separated by further filtration, returning pure air into the working environment.

Nederman oil mist collectors are designed for continuous operations in demanding airflow applications. Our proprietary welded steel frame and filter assembly, which is also known as a demister pad, works to avoid clogging and maintain superior performance. Our patented FibreDrain technology is an advanced separation process that promotes long filter life and ensures superior efficiency.

The Filter Screen

Long-term or repeated exposure to oil emulsions (which are water/oil based metalworking fluids) is harmful to your health. This is why OIL MIST PURIFIER proper ventilation is a must, especially when working with machining tools.

If you don’t have proper ventilation, the emulsions will become airborne and create an oily film on equipment and products within the workshop. The problem is even worse with modern machines that are controlled by electronics and sensitive controls that can be damaged by being coated in an oily substance.

Oil mist eliminators remove the oil from the contaminated air before it is expelled into the ambient environment, making it possible to use machinery and products that were previously hindered by the presence of the oily film. This helps to raise productivity, improve health and safety, and ensure a safe work environment.

The filtering stages are equipped with coalescing separators that intercept and enlarge the droplets, so they can be collected more easily. The final stage is a barrel-type HEPA filter that captures any remaining micron-sized drops and returns highly purified air back into the workplace. The combination of these five steps provides a high-performance solution that prevents oil mist and smoke from polluting the workspace, reduces maintenance costs, energy consumption and environmental pollution, and eliminates the need for complex venting and pipework installations. This makes the mist collector suitable for all industrial applications requiring protection from toxic matter, such as welding and machining.

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