SCHOTT Light Guide Bundle

Light Guide Bundle

SCHOTT Light Guide Bundle

Flexible light guides direct light from a source to an illuminated object or detector. They come in a variety of shapes and colors.

SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging offers a wide range of fiber types and sheathings for light guides. We also provide heavy duty end surface terminations and jacketing for use under harsh conditions.

SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging

Southbridge, Massachusetts-based SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging makes fiber optics that help surgeons work through a small incision, as well as lighting and imaging components used by soldiers and doctors. It also makes electronic packaging for batteries, nuclear power plants and other applications.

In an effort to help local companies, the state and federal governments have contributed more than $750,000 toward a renovation of the company’s building in Southbridge. The renovation has created a more modern, efficient and productive environment for employees. This, in turn, should be a boost for the area’s economy as well.

For many medical devices, endoscopes in particular, illumination is crucial to achieving high-quality image quality. This is especially true in thin, single-use endoscopes, which have limited space for illumination.

SCHOTT’s SingleEZ series of guides and modules are designed to make the most of the limited space and deliver maximum light output. SCHOTT works closely with customers to customize the configuration of this plug-and-play product family to meet their needs.

The product family features a 120deg light beam angle to enable shadow-free illumination and improve the color rendering index of the camera. This enables a wide range of applications in which the camera’s color is critical to developing accurate diagnoses.

Additionally, the SingleEZ bundle’s geometry is adapted to fit the chip size of a variety of cameras. This can allow the user to achieve greater resolution by using multiple camera chips in a SingleEZ bundle, or to avoid camera saturation by positioning the bundle around the camera on two or three sides in a U or kidney shape.

In addition, a variety INSERTION TUBE of protective sheathing is available for these bundles to accommodate diverse mechanical and physical environments. Sheathing can be made of a variety of materials, such as PVC, TPU or PTFE.


A light guide is a staple in any lighting set up and this bundle is a good place to start. It is a nifty little device that enables you to illuminate multiple points with a single LED or other illumination source. They are also a great way to create realistic lighting effects in your space. SCHOTT makes the best of both worlds with a product lineup that includes light guides in all shapes and sizes, from small to large and everything in between. SCHOTT is the clear leader in the light guide arena and has a full range of offerings to satisfy any application.


The Hot-fused light guide bundle is a flexible bundle of fibers that allows for the controlled delivery of light. This bundle is designed for a wide variety of applications. It features a small cross section, which helps to collect light from sources that are relatively low-brightness. It also has a high acceptance angle, which makes it ideal for collecting low-brightness laser or LED light sources.

It is also highly heat resistant, which is especially important in the electronics industry, where light transmission can be reduced INSERTION TUBE if the end of the bundle absorbs or creates too much heat. Unlike previous fused fiber bundles, the Hot-fused bundle is not bonded with epoxy, which improves its heat resistance and increases the light intensity of the bundle by allowing more optical fibers to be packed in the space where the epoxy originally existed.

SCHOTT’s Hot-fused light guides are manufactured by applying a very high temperature to the individual fibers, which allows the light to be transferred to the other fibers without the need for epoxy. This process can be used for any type of light guide, but is particularly well suited for the illumination of microscopy equipment.

These bundles are available with either a sheathing or a ferrule at each end, which provides maximum flexibility and precision for fiber-to-fiber connections. They are also designed for a wide range of applications and can be made in customized sizes to meet specific customer requirements.

Streamlined production methods enable low prices, and rigorous quality control ensures that products are stable during extended use as UV light guides. Moreover, MORITEX products are able to support the use of i, g and h beams. In addition, MORITEX has developed special light guide adapters to accommodate a variety of end user needs.


Liquid is one of the four states of matter – it is composed of particles that are loosely bound together by intramolecular forces. These particles are constantly in motion and roll on top of each other. This gives liquids their surface tension, a cohesive force that allows water to form drops and small insects to walk across it without sinking.

Another characteristic of a liquid is that it is incompressible. This means that the molecules are too similar to be squeezed together under pressure – they can’t be pressed further, so the volume of a liquid remains constant or changes only slightly when it’s compressed. Despite their incompressibility, liquids can be heated or cooled to become gaseous or react with chemicals in the environment.

The Liquid Bundle combines a variety of incredible effects plug-ins to give you a wide range of tools to enhance your music. From compression to delay, these effects plug-ins can be used as stand-alone units or as part of your digital audio workstation (DAW).

This bundle features the mighty Liquid Compressor II, which delivers smooth and controlled compression that’s perfect for your tracks. It also comes with the Liquid Delay II, which is great for delivering delays that are warm and full. In addition, the Liquid Gate II, Liquid Mod II, and Liquid Phase II plug-ins will provide you with a wide array of creative effects to help you add a touch of realism to your tracks.

With this bundle, you’ll be able to create incredible melodies and rhythms with the help of WaveDNA technology. Using complex algorithms, this software allows you to structure MIDI data into musical components and layers that can be reorganized in new ways.

It’s an incredibly intuitive and innovative workflow that can help you to generate complex ideas, even if you don’t have a background in music theory or instrumentation. Then you can use the results of your creative efforts to pair the MIDI data with your favourite virtual instruments or hardware synthesizers and drum machines in your DAW.

With this bundle, you’ll be armed with the most efficient and powerful music and rhythm creation software on the market! Powered by WaveDNA’s patented technology, this suite of creative tools will allow you to generate intricate melodies and song ideas quickly and easily. Then, you can take these inspiring ideas to the next level by dragging and dropping the music and rhythm MIDI data into your DAW so you can mix with ease.

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