Silicone Parts Manufacturers

Silicone Parts Manufacturer

Silicone Parts Manufacturers

Silicone parts are manufactured to strict tolerances. For example, extruded silicone rubber profiles must comply with a set industry standard in terms of width and length.

Silicone overmolding allows you to bond two or more components into a single, durable part. The process can save you time and money, and provides more design freedom than injection molding alone.

Reiss Manufacturing

Reiss is a British clothing company that makes men’s and women’s fashion, including shoes and jackets. They are known for their high-quality materials and ethical manufacturing practices. Their products are aimed at a fashion-savvy audience that ranges from 20-50 years of age. Their biggest fans are people who appreciate quality over quantity.

Reiss Manufacturing’s Blackstone, VA plant specializes in molding and extruding silicone rubber and polymer products. The Blackstone facility, which is operated by the company’s Ronsil division, focuses on formulating silicone compounds and molding, extruding, and calendering silicone and other related polymer products. It also performs thermoplastic extrusion of profiles and tubes.

Reiss manufactures a wide variety of products that include gaskets, O-rings, seals, tubing, cord, strips, and insulation wrap. The company’s products are used in a number of industries, including aerospace, defense, electronic, optoelectronics, and medical. They can Silicone Parts Manufacturer be fabricated from a variety of materials, including EPDM, fluorosilicone, nitrile, and chloroprene in solid and sponge form. They can also be over-molded with metals or plastics. Reiss can provide prototyping services as well as high volume production runs.

Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions

Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions (formerly FURON) is a leader in the production and distribution of high-performance materials, including foams and tapes. They provide solutions for a wide range of industrial applications. These include thermal interface products, gasketing, vibration dampening and electrical insulation. They also offer a wide range of pressure sensitive specialty tapes. These tapes are available in a variety of films, fabrics, metal and laminations with acrylic, silicone or natural rubber adhesive systems.

The company offers a variety of products for aerospace, mass transit, military and electronics applications. They are flame retardant and meet a number of specific standards, including ZZ-R-765, Federal Specification A-A-59588 Class 2A and 2B, and AMS-3300 specification. The company offers a range of different products, including Norseal F-20 foam, a medium-density foam with superior flame-retardant capabilities.

The company’s new website makes it easy to find the right product for your application. Users can search by Market, Function and Application to easily navigate the website. They can also compare the products to find the best one for their application. They can also get help from a product expert.

Joseph Fazzio

Joseph Fazzio is a producer and writer who has written for many television shows including Revenge and How to Get Away with Murder. He is also a member of the Screenwriters Guild of America. He is a graduate of Columbia University.

Some silicone manufacturers produce raw/uncured silicon stock, while others fabricate elastomeric products to pair with customer applications. For example, CS Hyde Company offers silicone adhesive tapes in standard and custom Silicone Supplies sizes. Its product line includes a variety of types including masking, double-coated, and transfer tapes. It also provides a range of gaskets and o-rings made from silicone rubber.

Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions manufactures closed-cell expanded silicone that is suitable for fire or smoke blocking, environmental cushioning, electric meter, and relief pad applications. Its silicone products are available in a range of colors, grades, and sizes. They are also waterproof, flexible, and shrink-crack-proof. The company is headquartered in Hoosick Falls, NY. Joseph Fazzio Howell Steel & Metal distributes industrial and commercial items such as structural steel beams, road plates, flat sheets, expanded and grating material, square and round tubing pipes, bars and metal roofing materials.

Stockwell Elastomerics

Founded in 1919, Stockwell Elastomerics has seen many forks in the road over 100 years. From adapting to globalization to implementing in-house custom manufacturing, the Pennsylvania-based firm has remained resilient and relevant to meet market challenges.

Silicone rubber gaskets and silicone pads are a major focus at the company. The materials are available in molded, die cut and water jet cut shapes and sizes. Closed-cell silicone sponge gaskets provide excellent weather sealing and low compression set. Other elastomeric gasket materials include PORON cellular urethane, fluorosilicone, Viton (fluororoelastomer) and electrically-conductive silicones for EMI shielding and ESD protection.

Stockwell’s expertise in a broad range of high-performance elastomer fabrication and manufacturing processes serves to streamline materials selection for customer projects. Its capabilities in rubber compression molding, liquid injection molding, custom gasket cutting and pressure sensitive adhesive lamination support the quick turnaround prototyping demands of the analytical instrumentation, medical diagnostic equipment and portable data acquisition device industries. The company also specializes in molded and die cut EMI shielding gaskets, vibration dampening and cushioning pads, connector gaskets, and thermal gap filler pads.

Vanguard Products Corp.

Vanguard Products is a manufacturer of elastomeric precision products. They offer a full range of extruded and molded gaskets, seals, and tubing, both standard and custom, in engineered high-performance elastomers including silicone, fluorosilicone, silicone rubber, EPDM, nitrile, and conductive rubber materials. They also manufacture high-precision thermoplastic components, specializing in solutions for tough applications that require the molding and assembly of close tolerance components.

They offer EMI shielding gaskets, which are designed to meet the demanding requirements of aerospace, defense, telecommunications, medical, and industrial applications. Their EMI shielding gaskets are made with state-of-the-art technology and materials, and they work closely with their customers to ensure that their shielding solutions are meeting or exceeding their expectations.

They have a team of dedicated customer service representatives who are available to answer your questions via phone, email, or live online chat. They are available Monday through Friday from 8 am to 8 pm ET. They are also available to assist you with a number of educational resources, including blogs, news articles, and social media. In addition, they have a comprehensive glossary and an investing toolbox.

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