Smart Glasses Manufacturers

smart glasses manufacturers

Smart Glasses Manufacturers

Smart glasses are enabling forward-thinking businesses to operate more efficiently. These lightweight, wireless glasses provide a digital overlay on top of our real-world view. They also have a built-in microphone for hands-free voice searches and head motion sensors.

The technology has a number of advantages over traditional headsets. For example, workers can view step-by-step instructions and diagrams in their field of vision. They can also connect with remote experts for live support.

Gentex Corporation

Gentex Corporation produces products that enhance protection and performance capabilities for defense forces, emergency responders, industrial personnel and other customers working in high-performance environments. The company’s in-house design & engineering, manufacturing and testing facilities bring its innovative solutions to market quickly and deliver the quality customers expect.

Gentex has a long history of innovation and advanced technology. Its products are used by U.S. and international military, commercial, law enforcement and first-responder agencies, as well as by the automotive industry and airlines. Gentex is also a leader in aircrew respiratory products, protective fabrics and integrated ground helmet systems.

The company’s first major innovation was its electrochromic mirror, which combines two layers of glass with a thin gel sandwiched between them. When the gel is electrically charged, it darkens. When it is uncharged, the mirrors clear. The technology was originally developed by a company named Simicon, which Bauer bought in the early 1970s.

In 1989, Gentex began a push to cultivate international markets. The company’s sales for that year grew to $23.8 million, up from $14.7 million the previous year. Its lighted rearview mirrors won the highest quality awards from domestic automakers. The company also entered into a distribution agreement with Ichikoh Industries Ltd., which allowed it to distribute the Japanese company’s manually operated, motorized mirrors to American car manufacturers.


The AGC Group offers glass products for various industries including architecture, automotive, chemicals and display. Its business operations are based on world-leading core technologies in glass, fluorine chemistry, and ceramics. The company’s global presence allows it to provide customized solutions to meet the needs of its customers.

AGC offers a variety of smart glass products. Their intelligent windows let natural light and views in, while reducing energy consumption. The windows also help create a comfortable environment by maintaining the desired temperature. They can be controlled manually or automatically. These features make them an ideal choice for commercial and residential buildings.

In addition to its smart glass products, AGC offers a wide range of other technologies smart glasses manufacturers and services. For example, they offer a smart solution that lets users control the transparency of their windows and adjust the tinting as needed. They can also reduce the cost of building construction by using photovoltaic cells to generate electricity and earn tax deductions.

The AGC Group also offers an integrated glass antenna, which helps improve wireless communication in factories. This technology is designed to eliminate the need for additional hardware and increase data collection efficiency. This is a significant advantage in the manufacturing industry, where high-speed data transmission is essential. It can also increase productivity by allowing workers to focus on tasks without worrying about the wired connection.


Polytronix is a leading architectural glass manufacturer and supplier of specialty film and glass products. Its Polyvision(tm) Switchable Privacy Glass and PolyMagic(tm) LED Glass continue to inspire architects and designers around the world. These specialized products are designed to balance privacy without distracting window treatments.

Polyvision is an energy efficient product that saves money by allowing natural light to enter the room while maintaining privacy. This technology is based on liquid crystal matrix that is sandwiched between two layers of SGCC certified glass. When an electric current is applied, the liquid crystals change from opaque to clear. This is similar to the technology used in television and computer screens.

Founded in Richardson, Texas, Polytronix is a company with ISO-9000 and AS9100 certifications. It offers a broad range of standard and custom designed TN, STN, FSTN, and DSTN LCD panels. It also provides a full line of LCD module assemblies.

The company has been growing by 3% annually and employs over 80 people worldwide. They offer engineering support, PCB assembly and program management. Polytronix has a fully equipped IPC-A-610 and J-STD-001 certified manufacturing facility with IPC-A-610 and J-STD-001 assemblers. The company also has extensive experience in the design and production of rugged displays including PWTN, Dichroic and Heilmeier technology.

The company is looking ar eyeglasses for a Regional Sales Representative, located in Richardson, TX. This position is responsible for the sale of Polytronix products to new and existing customers.

Vision Systems

The company’s products rely on a see-through display to overlay digital information over the user’s real-world view. Powered by LCD micro displays, the company’s glasses offer a full color image and head-motion sensors for gesture control. They also come with a microphone for cellphone conversations and hands-free voice searches. The device can be powered by a battery or USB cable, and is operated with eye movements, head tilts, and voice commands. Its headset is available in a range of sizes and colors to suit users’ needs.

Smart Glasses for Manufacturing

Vuzix smart glasses help manufacturers speed up production and improve quality. The augmented reality technology allows employees to view step-by-step instructions and diagrams directly in their field of vision, which reduces training time. This also increases compliance with established protocols and decreases workflow interruptions.

Vuzix’s AR smart glasses are used in warehouse logistics to enable so-called “vision picking.” Order pickers can use a wearable computer to view pick information in their field of vision, rather than looking down at an RF terminal. In addition, the glasses can be used to scan barcodes and other data in a hands-free manner without needing to touch a scanner. They can also receive notifications and e-mails via the smart glasses, and can make and receive video calls. They can also sync with calendars to receive reminders of meetings and events.

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