Types of Playground Equipment for Sale

playground equipment for sale

Types of Playground Equipment for Sale

When you’re shopping for playground equipment for sale, think about the types of play that will engage kids physically and creatively. Whether you’re building an inclusive park or outfitting a school playground, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Climbers encourage group play and help kids improve upper body strength, balance and coordination. Choose from freestanding structures like this net climber or connected ones including dome and rock walls.


Children love climbing, and playground climbers are a must-have for any play area. Horizontal ladders, ring climbers and parallel bars help kids work their upper-body strength, while rock climbing structures inspire imaginative play. Children also enjoy playground equipment for sale crawling through brightly colored tunnels to escape or engage in group play.

Kids want to have fun in motion, and a merry-go-round is an essential piece of playground equipment for sale that brings smiles to everyone who plays on it. We offer a wide selection of colorful merry-go-rounds in various sizes and diameters to fit your project.

When kids need a break from sliding and swinging, they can connect with friends at a park bench or a picnic table. These site amenities add versatility and comfort to outdoor play areas, so they’re a smart addition to any commercial playground or park.

Kids who prefer to cool off will enjoy playing in the water with a splash pad or spray park. Simple, interactive sensory learning elements like sand diggers bring kids together to collaborate and excavate, while paint panels inspire budding young artists. Shade structures are a must-have for any outdoor playground or public park to keep kids safe from harmful UV rays.

Spring Riders

Vintage spring riders, also known as bouncy animals, offer an easy and fun way for kids to practice balance. The simple, yet durable toys are a great addition to playgrounds in schools and daycares, but they can be used in any outdoor area that can accommodate them.

These playground spring riders are a variation on the classic rocking horse toy, and they come in many different shapes and styles. While horses are a popular choice, there are spring rider animal designs like whales, bulldozers, and even dinosaurs that offer a more unique look for any play area.

Kids can rock back and forth on the bouncy animals for endless hours of play. Each one is crafted from durable, high-quality materials to provide a safe and fun experience. The rotomolded plastic design makes it easy to clean and maintain. The springs that form the base of the spring riders are made from galvanized steel to help ensure they are long-lasting and withstand frequent use by children of all ages.

Each bouncy animal features multiple seating options. Some have room for just one child, while others can seat up to four. Multi-seaters are a great option for large groups of children and can help kids work together on an activity. The frog-shaped spring riders are especially attractive to young kids who love hopping around their playground.


Seesaws are a playground staple and a classic play piece that children have enjoyed for generations. The up and down motion of a playground equipment for sale kids’ seesaw teaches children how to shift their body weight and create a balance with their partner. It also helps them develop coordination, and it can be used to encourage social interaction between two friends or a child and their parent.

Commercial seesaws for sale add a touch of fun to your playground and can help keep kids engaged while enjoying the great outdoors. You can find a traditional two-seat seesaw or a more innovative, inclusive model that seats up to four kids at once. Choose from options like the Platports seesaw that allows kids to spin around like a merry-go-round or the RockWell Teeter Duo that features a spring in the middle for double the fun!

When it comes to a playground teeter-totter, the best feature is how it encourages kids to work together. Each child plays opposite each other to make the seesaw function, and they must coordinate their movements to create a rhythm that will allow them to ride on the equipment. The lessons they learn on a schoolyard seesaw are ones that they will carry with them for years to come. Plus, it’s a great way to get the kids off their electronic devices and having some active fun!

Activity Panels

Playground activities and equipment offer fun ways for kids to boost creativity, social engagement, motor skills and cognitive development. In addition to allowing them to explore different aspects of their personality, these playground learning walls also teach valuable lessons in math, science and language. They can be added to any play structure or arranged on the ground in a separate activity area, providing an engaging experience that children won’t want to leave.

For clients who prefer to receive sensory input through their hands, our new Tactile Panel features rope handles of three different types, a stretchy web, an abacus, glowing stars and a letter A, as well as wooden and plastic animal shapes. There’s even a curved roadway along the length of the wall for your clients to use to guide their vehicles, working on tracking and upper body gross motor skills.

Music is an integral part of childhood development, so Burke’s musical panels are a great way to bring that element of play outside. They encourage the exploration of sound and music concepts while also helping kids develop coordination, cooperation and strategic thinking. We also carry an accessible reach panel for children with physical and cognitive challenges, as well as a weather and time panel to help children learn about different elements of their environment while enhancing fine and gross motor skills.

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