Upgrade Your CCTV Security System With an AHD HD Camera

Upgrade Your CCTV Security System With an AHD HD Camera

Imagine upgrading your old, grainy CCTV security system with crystal clear HD without having to root out your existing cable network. That’s what AHD offers.

AHD is a new HD transmission technology developed by NextChip that utilizes traditional coaxial cable. It has a lower max resolution of 960H than other HD formats but promises long video transmission distances and back compatibility with analog cameras.

Image Quality

The main advantages of AHD over traditional analog CCTV cameras are that it is backwards compatible with existing coax infrastructure, and supports up to ahd hd camera 720p video transmission over long distances without data loss. This means that installers can save time and money by using their existing cables and leveraging the same wiring when upgrading to HD surveillance.

In addition, unlike HD-CVI and HD-TVI cameras, AHD is a closed technology standard developed by chip manufacturer NextChip. This allows the use of the same recorders and accessories as traditional analog CCTV cameras, minimizing the cost of the upgrade. Additionally, AHD is able to transmit uncompressed HD video over coaxial cable (or twisted pair/CAT5) for up to 500 meters, surpassing the current maximum transmission distance of HD-SDI and HD-TVI.

AHD cameras are also incredibly robust and durable, making them well suited for a variety of automotive applications. Many are waterproof and can withstand harsh environments including extreme temperatures and vibrations. AHD cameras also offer great image and video quality in low light conditions thanks to their IR illumination features.

AHD cameras are typically used as reversing backup cameras in commercial vehicles, because they provide a high resolution video output for the monitor, and support the NTSC 960H format that is common in truck fleets. This ensures that the camera can easily display the vehicle’s rear view, and can be viewed by drivers and passengers in parking lots or in traffic jams.


The resolution of an ahd hd camera is an important factor to consider. The higher the resolution, the better the image quality will be. A high resolution also means that more detail can be captured in the image. This can be helpful if you need to identify people or things in the image.

Another thing to consider is the field of view. A higher resolution camera will have a wider field of view, which can be helpful if you want to cover a large area. A wider field of view can also help you detect more activity in the area.

Unlike IP cameras, analog HD cameras are compatible with existing CCTV systems that use standard composite NTSC or PAL video signals. This makes them the perfect choice for upgrading existing analog CCTV systems without the cost and hassle of running new wires.

AHD is an analog high-definition technology developed by Korean chip-set manufacturer NextChip. AHD enables uncompressed 720p or 1080p HD video transmission over traditional coaxial cable. This allows the system to achieve superior picture quality compared with traditional CCTV equipment and extend the transmission distance up to 500 meters.

Like HD-CVI, AHD has seen a number of no-name brands move their products around the market. However, its recent adoption by Samsung, along with a number of other manufacturers, has made it much more formidable on the market going forward.

Low Light

Infrared LEDs are used to illuminate the area around a camera in low light conditions. This allows the camera to operate in a darker environment while capturing clear video and images. It also reduces the effect of interference caused by nearby lighting or other sources of ambient light.

The SKoopia industrial AHD/TVI camera 21C14AT is an extremely small 14mm x 14mm single board OEM camera that provides extreme low light sensitivity. This is achieved through a combination of state of the art sensor technology and advanced camera design. This results in the largest pixel size per square inch of any industrial AHD or TVI camera on the market.

This allows for very accurate pixel counting for better night vision performance. This can result in higher resolutions and better overall image quality for a variety of applications. The camera supports alarm triggering by target types (human or vehicle) ahd hd camera and can filter out false alarms caused by things like rustling leaves and bright lights.

AHD cameras are a great option for upgrading your existing analog CCTV system to HD without the cost of new cables. They connect to a standard coax cable that can transmit an HD signal up to 720p. These cameras can be connected to any HD monitor or DVR that supports the AHD format. They can also be connected to an IP DVR for remote access via the internet.


AHD cameras offer an amazing image quality for a very low cost and are perfect as a replacement for your older analog CCTV cameras. They work on the same coax cable as traditional analog cameras and can easily be used to upgrade your system without having to change the wires. AHD cameras work with RG59 and RG6 coax cables as well as CAT5 ethernet cables with video baluns. AHD is also backward compatible with the 960H format found in traditional analog surveillance systems so you can continue to use your existing analog DVR with any AHD camera.

Most AHD cameras can transmit a 720p HD video signal over long distances up to 500 meters and can operate in harsh weather conditions with a IP66 or higher waterproof rating. Some of the newer cameras even come with built-in microphones for audio-over-coax. This saves you the expense of running an extra pair of wires for audio and makes installation a breeze. These cameras are a perfect choice for commercial driver monitoring on vehicles like trucks, buses, and vans.

Some of the newer models even have GPS capabilities allowing you to monitor the physiological state of your drivers including drowsiness, fatigue, and distraction. They can be coupled with GPS vehicle tracking systems for even more advanced ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems). Some of these backup cameras also have an adjustable lens, or varifocal, meaning you can zoom in on specific areas to get the exact view you need.

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