Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer

Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer

Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer is a machine for mixing, dispersing, emulsifying and homogenizing highly viscous materials. It comes with a vacuum system that can prevent outside air and bubbles from entering the vessel during mixing.

Its product contact parts are made from Stainless Steel 316L and the interior surface is mirror polished. It also conforms to CGMP requirements like Clean-in-place (CIP) and Sterilize-in-place (SIP).

Suitable for High Viscosity Materials

The Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer is a device that can be used to mix and homogenize liquid materials. It is also used for dispersing, emulsifying, and aspirating high viscous ingredients. It can be used in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industries. It can be used to produce creams, lotions, ointments, and liquids. This equipment can help you increase your productivity and efficiency by reducing the amount of time it takes to prepare your products. It also allows you to save money by reducing waste.

This machine is easy to operate, and it has a variety of safety features. Its push buttons are colored to make them harder to accidentally press, and it has an alarm system that tells you if the vacuum valves aren’t holding pressure. It also has a platform that can be flipped down to 120 degrees so it’s easier to empty the main pot.

Another feature of this machine is that it has a cooling system. This is important because long processes can cause the temperature of this machine to rise. A cooling system will ensure that the process is completed in a safe manner. It will also prevent the mixing of hazardous chemicals that may be harmful to humans. In addition, it will prevent any damage to the equipment. It is also a good idea to keep a maintenance log so that you can track how often you need to perform maintenance.

Easy to Operate

A vacuum emulsifying mixer is a small and compact device used for laboratory purposes. It is designed to mix various types of chemicals to achieve a homogenous mixture in a short amount of time. It is also equipped with a cooling system to prevent the machine from reaching high temperatures during the process of mixing.

The device is easy to operate, and Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer it has a control panel with buttons that let the user set the functioning specifications for the mixer. The machine will then start operating based on the assigned specifications. During the process, the operator should monitor the condition of the device to make sure that everything is working as expected. The device is safe to use, but it should be placed in a well-ventilated area to avoid any accidents.

The vacuum emulsifying mixer is an excellent choice for mixing materials with a high concentration of oil and water. It is ideal for making creams, ointments, and other cosmetics. It can even be used to make dyes, printing ink, and other industrial products. It is important to choose the right mixer for the task at hand, as it will affect the outcome of the final product.

A vacuum emulsifying mixer is not suitable for processing sensitive tissue samples, lysols, or foams. These ingredients require a lot of heat to homogenize them, and high-shear mixing will not be effective. It is also not recommended for emulsifying temperature-sensitive chemicals such as phenol and acetone.

Easy to Clean

The vacuum emulsifying mixer can be cleaned with water and soap, but it is important to keep the base of the machine and the pots as dry as possible to avoid rust. It is also helpful to clean the agitator before and after each use. This helps prevent the ingredients from separating later in storage.

The mixer is easy to operate, and there are many safety features. These include colored push buttons that make it harder to accidentally press them and an alarm system that lets you know when the vacuum valves aren’t being held tight enough. It is also essential to check the vacuum valves and pressure gauges regularly to ensure they work properly.

Another benefit of using a Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer is that it can help reduce the amount of raw materials wasted during production. This is because it uses the rotary action of the agitator to scrape the walls of the tank. This can help reduce the amount of adhesive particles that may otherwise cause product deterioration and extra cost.

The Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer can be used in a wide variety of applications, including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and food industries. It can also be used for mixing high viscosity substances, such as mayonnaise, jam, or butter. The mixer can be used for small or large-scale production.

Easy to Maintain

Vacuum emulsifying mixers are easy to maintain as long as you keep up with regular maintenance and cleaning. Make sure to clean the mixing tank before and after each use. The emulsifier should also be kept in a location that is well ventilated. You should also keep a maintenance log to help troubleshoot problems when they arise. It is also important to check the vacuum valves and pressure gauges frequently. It is also helpful to check the distance between the agitator and bowl every half-year to improve mixing quality.

Another type of emulsifier is the batch vacuum emulsifying mixer, which is designed for manual input of materials and discharge of the finished product. It is similar to the inline model, but it has a manual system for charging and discharging mixer supplier materials and a machine tilting system. It is more cost-effective and easier to maintain than an automatic emulsifier.

This type of mixer has a water and oil pot with a vacuum pump that draws the two materials into the emulsifying pot. Once the mixture is ready, the contents are discharged manually or automatically through a content discharge vessel. The machine has many safety features that help prevent accidents, such as colored push buttons and an alarm system. It is also important to keep the work area clean and dry to prevent injuries.

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