Vial Powder Filling Machine

Vial Powder Filling Machine

vial powder filling machine

If you are in the market for a vial powder filling machine, you have many options to consider. These machines are used to fill dry syrup into glass bottles, as well as other types of bottles and containers.

Automatic Rotary Vial Washing Machine Model AI-VRW

An Automatic Rotary Vial Washing Machine Model AI-VRW is a specially designed machine for washing round vials with minimum contact. It features a customized gripper system that holds the vial in place from the neck. In addition, the machine is fitted with a number of other modern features, such as user programmable wash cycles, a spinnable assembly and variable AC Frequency Drive.

The design of this equipment ensures maximum visibility and easy operation. A high-pressure spray nozzle ensures perfect cleaning of bottles. All parts coming into contact with the powder are made from Stainless Steel 316L.

This automatic rotary vial washing machine is ideal for pharmaceutical industries. This machine is equipped with a custom gripper system, which ensures positive and continuous washing of the vials. The washer is also capable of handling sterile air.

Another feature of this machine is its ability to process ampoules. With the help of a special loading arrangement, bottles are placed directly into the machine.

This machine has a compact design, which makes it ideal for small-scale injectable organizations. It is also equipped with the latest GMP standards, making it reliable and versatile.

One of the features of this machine is its ability to produce six vials per cycle. It also has a mechanical cam valve system, which helps in the efficient and fast rinsing of vials.

Another useful feature of this machine is its capacity to label vials with transparent labels. The equipment has a microprocessor-controlled label dispensing mechanism. Moreover, it can label up to 100 vials per minute.

It is also possible to add a third tank and pump for an extra water supply. Furthermore, it can be configured to include water recycling.


The INTEGRA filling machine from groninger is a new product that will be exhibited at PACK EXPO International and Healthcare Packaging Expo in 2018. This product is available as vial powder filling machine a standalone filling machine or integrated into an isolator or RABS.

The system is designed to handle a variety of pharmaceutical products. It includes a continuous-motion filling and stoppering machine. Besides, it also offers the ability to be used in combination with freeze-drying machines.

During the filling process, the machine provides high quality and a high level of productivity. Moreover, the machine is very durable. As a result, it can be installed in a small space.

The INTEGRA filling machine is available in several different models. These include the RFPC series, which can handle various container shapes. It also allows for preprogramming the fill volume and can be equipped with up to four nozzles.

Among the features of this model is the patented’smartfill’ technology. It provides a precise sealing of the vials and minimizes product loss. Besides, the machine is IoT ready. Moreover, the machine can be programmed using an industrial PC.

With a capacity of up to 200 filling cycles per minute, the RFPC model is able to handle a wide variety of products. In addition, the machine offers the capability of providing visual on-screen data and diagnostic reporting.

Moreover, the INTEGRA machine is easily accessible for operating personnel. It features a quick decontamination time. Furthermore, it is equipped with QR codes to increase the security.

Aside from this, the INTEGRA machine is also available with standardized RABS or isolator modules. Hence, it is a reliable partner for a wide range of production processes.

Compared to other sealing discs, the INTEGRA has a faster changeover time. Moreover, it can be changed over without the need for tools.

Parth Engineers & Consultant

Parth Engineers & Consultants is a leading supplier of various packaging machines. Located in Ahmedabad, India, this company produces a wide variety of machinery that are used by several industries. The products include liquid and powder filling machines, labeling machines, washing and cleaning equipments, ROPP cap sealing machines, and more.

The company is known for its innovation and engineering excellence. It is a renowned exporter of packing machinery, and is considered one of the best manufacturers in the industry.

The sterile powder filling machine market is expected to grow with a 4.7% CAGR during the forecast period. This is due to the increasing production of sterile powders for different drug classes. In addition, the increasing rate of product launch, especially in North America and Europe, is also expected to contribute to the growth of the market.

In addition, the use of sterile powdered drugs has some drawbacks. For instance, contaminations of sterile products can occur because of manufacturing process mistakes or user error. Therefore, a multifaceted quality control process is required in the process.

The Global Sterile Powder Filling Machine Market is segmented into four types: servo base, semi-automated, fully automated, and injection. Servo base filling machine is suitable for filling high viscous products. Semi-automated filling machines are capable of filling a wide range of semi-viscous products.

A twin pneumatically operated stopper system ensures that the container below the nozzles matches perfectly. The nozzles are fitted with a non-return valve to prevent volume variation. Moreover, the nozzles are adjustable to reciprocate according to the dosage.

The company is a leading provider of dry syrup filling machines, liquid filling machines, injectable powder filling-stoppering machines, viscous liquid filling machines, and labeling machines. Its products are manufactured using FDA-approved materials, and are GMP compliant.

Dry Syrup Powder Filling Machine

Dry Syrup Powder Filling Machine is designed to vial powder filling machine package dry syrup powder in bottles. Depending on the type of powder, the speed and the output capacity of the machine will vary.

The machine is mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry. It is a microcontroller based machine that performs a wide range of tasks. Compared to manual stuffing, it is easy to operate and can be used for large volume powder filling.

This machine has an auger-type filling system that is able to fill bottles at a fast rate. In addition, it has a unique bottle lifting mechanism that prevents powder spillage.

A conveyor belt transfers the bottles from the source to the machine. A rotary bottle moving system also keeps the bottles free from wastage. Depending on the filling volume, the maximum speed of the machine can range from 120 bottles per minute to 300 bottles per minute.

A dry syrup powder filling machine is a simple machine to operate. However, it has many components that must be maintained properly.

There are a variety of different machines for this purpose. Some are very big, while others are very small. Choosing the right machine for your needs will require some research.

While choosing a dry syrup powder filling machine, it is important to find one that is easy to use, compact, and reliable. The manufacturer should be able to customize the machine to fit your needs. You may also need to consider reducing power consumption.

Whether you need to fill a small or large amount of powder, the Dry Syrup Powder Filling Machine should be able to do the job. Ideally, it should be able to handle five grams to fifty grams of powder.


Syntegon provides a range of filling, closing and sealing machines to meet the needs of pharmaceutical, food and health industries. The machines are developed in modern manufacturing facilities, which ensure a high degree of quality and precision. They are manufactured with the help of SS316 material.

Having been in the business of manufacturing process and packaging machinery for more than 60 years, Syntegon has a complete portfolio of solutions and references from pharmaceutical customers worldwide. Whether it’s a vial filling and bunging machine, a cartoner or an inspection machine, Syntegon offers the perfect solution for your individual product and budget.

A vial filling and bunging machine is ideal for filling 1ml to 100ml vials. It is a highly precise solution, which automatically places a stopper on the head of the vial once it is filled. This process ensures the integrity of the product.

The Syntegon KKE 2500 is capable of high-speed capsule weighing and can fill up to 150,000 capsules in a single process. The machine is designed to be flexible and scalable for multi-capsule filling machines.

GKF Performance series is equipped with fully integrated inspection technologies, ensuring the highest pharmaceutical production standards. The series also features a compact design. These machines are perfect for the processing of antibiotics, sterile powders and other high-potency drugs.

For smaller productions, the ARF 1000 P is the right choice. The machine offers a wide range of filling rates and has 100 percent in-process control. Depending on the machine version, the output rate ranges from 600 to 6,000 containers per hour.

For the processing of a variety of liquids in closed receptacles, the SBM sterilization solutions from Syntegon are an optimal choice. The equipment includes a vacuum steriliser, a hot water shower steriliser and a depyrogenation system.

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