Water Park Equipment Must Be Attractive, Engaging and Durable

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Water Park Equipment Must Be Attractive, Engaging and Durable

Water park equipment must be attractive, engaging and durable, all while remaining within budget. Creating a stimulating environment with unique experiences encourages families to stay longer, which in turn increases revenue and profitability.

In addition, plastic water-play equipment requires less construction at installation and is cheaper to maintain than metal equipment.

Splash Pads

Many people are turning to splash pads to create an exciting aquatic experience for kids without the expense of swimming pools. Splash pads eliminate the standing water and safety concerns of pool maintenance including electricity, a certified pool maintenance worker, chemicals and additional liability insurance.

Splash pads feature fountains that spray water and other equipment such as dumping buckets, arcs that shoot water and flower showers to create a variety of sensory experiences. They are designed to be inclusive and encourage interaction by children of all ages, abilities, and interests. They are a great way to attract people to an area and act as a focal point of a park.

Some splash pad features are recirculating, meaning the sprayed water goes back into a tank, goes through a filter and is disinfected with germ-killing chemicals before being sprayed again. These systems can also provide a source of gray water for a variety of other applications.

Often, splash pads are designed to be more energy efficient by using motion or hand-activated sensors that keep the equipment running for a limited amount of time and shutting off when not in use. This helps reduce the number of times that staff has to change the water and lowers overall operating costs for the facility. This type of system can also be beneficial in drought-sensitive areas as it uses less water than a standard pool and can help to conserve freshwater resources.

Water Slides

Many water parks hire a maintenance crew to perform inspections and repairs on their rides. This ensures that their rides are safe for the visitors to use. This is important because water park visitors are often very young and can easily be injured on a ride if it isn’t properly maintained.

Stainless steel is an important material to use in the construction of water park equipment because it is durable and can withstand water park equipment a lot of wear and tear. It is also resistant to chemicals and saltwater, which makes it a great choice for water park equipment. Choosing the right materials for your water park is critical because it can help you create a fun and enjoyable experience for your guests.

Another aspect of maintaining water slides is ensuring that they are free of debris and dirt. Inflatable water slides are a great option for this because they can be hosed down to get rid of any mud or grass that may be stuck to them. Once the slide is clean, it can be blown dry before it is packed away for the season.

Using the right water park equipment is important because it will make your guests happy and keep them coming back for more fun. A lot of people these days care about sustainability, and by prioritizing sustainable initiatives in your water park, you can attract more customers.

Children’s Area

If your water park has areas that appeal to the youngest visitors, you’ll find that families stay longer. Those longer visits translate to more revenue for concessions and souvenirs.

Toddlers enjoy simple aqua play experiences like shallow baby pools and soft water sprays. Then they’ll be ready to move on to slightly more interactive attractions, such as aim-and-sprays and dumping buckets. These activities encourage a variety of skills that children will use in other parts of their lives, such as cause and effect and water manipulation.

More elaborate splash pads can go beyond ground spray elements with above-ground features such as water cannons and flower showers. Depending on your budget, you can also add more intricate play structures that challenge balance and coordination.

A key factor in creating a successful aquatic playground is an effective drain-away and recirculation system that will keep your water clean and safe. This will avoid the need for water consumption limits and prevent your patrons from ingesting harmful contaminants during their time at the park.

As a final touch, make sure you have comfortable shaded seating that parents can use while their kids play. This will keep them cool and help protect them from dehydration and the sun’s harsh UV rays. This is an essential part of any aquatic playground that is designed to serve families, as they want to feel safe and supported.


While water parks are fun for the whole family, they can also be dangerous when safety measures are not taken seriously. Some of the most common injuries are falls and drownings. Injuries can be caused by equipment malfunction, lifeguard error and guests not abiding by weight or height restrictions for certain rides.

The number one rule of any water park is active supervision by an adult. The person supervising must be free from distractions like cell phones and must be able to monitor children in the water to ensure they are using safe equipment, obeying rules and following directions. The owner and supervisor of a water park can be held liable for an injury that occurs when one of their employees is negligent.

Water quality is another important factor in a water park equipment water park’s safety. Chlorine sensors in filtration systems can alert staff when contaminant concentrations reach unsafe levels. These sensors can help keep water parks from getting shut down when a public health emergency, like COVID-19, affects local areas.

Water park owners must put safety first to attract more visitors and keep them coming back year after year. Installing unforgettable water play elements and larger-than-life sculpted pieces will make your facility stand out from the rest, ensuring you get your money’s worth from your investment in new water park equipment.

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