Water Park Equipment Suppliers

water park equipment suppliers

Water Park Equipment Suppliers

Whether you need unforgettable water park play elements, captivating splash pads or larger-than-life sculpted attractions to maximize fun, we can bring your vision to life.

The more exciting equipment your facility has, the longer families are likely to stay during their visit. So, choose quality equipment from our trusted water park suppliers.

Water Slides

Kids love water slides, and they’re the most popular rides at any splash pad or water park. They’re fun and exhilarating but can be scary too. But before you hop on that waterslide, it’s good to know what goes into making these thrill-seeking rides so much fun — and safe!

Just like roller coasters, water slides are based on physics. water park equipment suppliers When someone climbs up to the top of a waterslide, they create potential energy by climbing on the stairs or platform and the incline itself helps them gain momentum. Once they start moving down the slide, kinetic energy (energy of motion) takes over and gravity makes them go faster. The simplest waterslides are built for a single rider to lie on their back and float down, but most parks offer tubes, intertubes or rafts that allow multiple people to go together. These devices reduce friction and can help riders go even faster.

There are also water slides that use straight ramps and steep slopes to increase the speed of the ride. Computer simulations can tell designers how far apart to space riders to prevent them from hitting each other — and what type of design features to include to give riders a sense of flying up against a wall while keeping them inside a safe area. These innovations show that water slides aren’t just simple playground toys, but sophisticated works of engineering.


There’s a lot to consider when you’re planning a water park. Site location, design and layout, finding builders and hiring staff are all major decisions that need to be made. But one of the most important decisions is which manufacturer you work with to create your park’s attractions.

Floatables are the general term for floating debris in marine waters that includes everything from degradable plastic trash to tar balls and grease. They contribute to the large volume of wash-ups on New York and Long Island beaches each year.

Playful floatables can make your park more fun and encourage families to spend longer at the park during a visit. They can be as simple as a mat for water gymnastics or yoga on the water or oversized bouncy castles that allow kids to explore an entire inflatable sports park without requiring a boat.

A comprehensive aquatic playground can also incorporate a variety of ground sprays, dumping buckets and other features that can inspire active fun in water. You can even find turnkey splash pad systems that allow young guests to enjoy zero-depth aquatic playground spaces. Choosing strong and durable equipment is crucial for your safety as well as that of your visitors. Look for a manufacturer that offers corrosion-resistant finishes to ensure your equipment will last year after year.

Climbers & Sprayers

Adding water park climbers and sprayers to your community water playground will allow kids to experience the thrill of aquatic play in a different way. These turnkey splash pad systems offer zero-depth aquatic adventures to engage children of all ages and abilities.

Climbers are a great way to encourage kids to explore their physical skills and creativity. They’re also an excellent addition to a waterpark water park equipment suppliers because they provide a safe and stimulating way for children to cool down during summer months.

Waterpark climbers are typically found on water slides and can be combined with a variety of different themed features. This includes everything from dumping buckets and side wall streams to geysers, bubblers, spray jets and spray rings.

When spraying beta, it’s important to remember that not all of it is going to be useful to the person receiving it. In some cases, it can even come off as condescending – particularly when the information is unsolicited.

To avoid being a spraylord, pause and ask the person you’re spraying what they’re looking for from your advice before spraying it down on them. They may have a specific climbing goal in mind that you can help them with, or they might be just hoping to improve their own ability through your guidance. Either way, respect goes both ways.


Themes are a great way to bring life to your water park and attract visitors. However, they can also be a challenge to maintain. Strict quality control and careful polishing are essential to ensure that your theme-based water park equipment will look and work well for a long time, attracting investors and tourists.

Make your waterpark a fun destination with unique aquatic playground designs that are right-sized for little adventurers. Whether it’s defying gravity with floating hippo heads, a bigger-than-life lily pad to scale, or even a turnkey splashpad system that has them leaping and tumbling in zero-depth wonderlands, your younger guests will be inspired and have off the charts water fun.

Adding to the visual appeal of your waterpark is easy with the design flexibility and extensive know-how of your commercial water play provider. You can add to your themed environment with the addition of lights, water-feature sequencing and more—all while saving on energy costs with completely integrated water recirculation systems that are proven to significantly reduce wave pool power consumption. Choose the best water park equipment supplier with a wide range of options to keep your patrons coming back year after year for off-the-charts fun. PLAYTIME offers water slides that are custom-designed to correlate with the grade of your pool and are available in 12 themes. Floatables, climbers and sprayers are also offered in unique and appealing designs to complete your aquatic play experience.

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