Which is the Best WiFi Solar Security Camera?

best wifi solar security camera

Which is the Best WiFi Solar Security Camera?

Considering solar powered security cameras are outdoor gadgets that come in contact with water and dust, they must be durable. Look for models that have a warranty of at least two years.

Solar security cameras need to be installed in a spot that gets direct sunlight daily during peak hours. Otherwise, the device might fail to generate power.

1. Reolink GO

If you’re in search of a wire-free security camera that works without Wi-Fi, this Reolink model is your best bet. It uses a 4G LTE cell connection instead of Wi-Fi, letting it operate independently from any home network, making it ideal for remote properties and locations where you’re unlikely to have WiFi access (such as a vacation cabin).

Its main selling points are its reliable cellular connectivity and robust feature set. For example, it’s capable of delivering customizable voice-recorded alerts solar battery security camera and provides up to 15 days of free cloud storage. You can also configure the camera to record only when it detects motion, which helps cut down on false alarms.

The Go also features 2 megapixels Starlight CMOS image sensor to offer true 1080p HD video during the day and clear night vision up to 33 feet. Its 110-degree wide viewing angle lets you cover a large area, while the included solar panel ensures continuous power even on an overcast day. You can mount it to a wall or roof and easily position the solar panel for maximum sun exposure.

2. Lorex

Lorex is a big name in the home security industry that has been around since 1991. The company offers a wide range of camera options, including 4K, outdoor bullet-shaped cameras, wired floodlight and doorbell models, indoor domes, and more.

Many of the company’s products are purely wireless and run off rechargeable batteries, but they can also be plugged into an outlet for continuous power. The cameras offer a number of features, including motion detection, active deterrence lights, and clear night vision.

The company’s software is easy to use and the cameras are very responsive. It can take a little time to get used to the interface, but once you do it’s easy to set up and monitor your property.

The main downside is that the company’s customer support can be difficult to work with. Their online chat tool is helpful and knowledgeable, but they may not always be able to help with more complex problems. This is a major problem for a company that offers so many different types of devices, and we recommend looking at competitors like SimpliSafe or Ring for better customer service.

3. Arlo

Arlo makes some of the best outdoor security best wifi solar security camera cameras on the market, primarily for its spotlight and siren, which add a layer of deterrence that other camera brands can’t match. But its integrations with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are also a big selling point. And its easy usability with HomeKit is a huge plus, too.

The latest model, the Arlo Pro 5, takes that a step further, with better image quality and improved low-light performance. It has a 2K resolution, a 160-degree field of view, full-color night vision (it shifts to black and white in truly dark settings), two-way audio, and a motion-activated spotlight.

The Arlo app is well-designed and logically laid out, with all the features I want to toggle easily accessible on the live stream screen. The only drawback is that it uses a proprietary cable to charge the battery, which means you’ll need to keep track of where it’s stored and make sure it’s always nearby if you need to recharge. But that’s not a deal breaker for most. And if you lose the cable, it’s pretty inexpensive to replace.

5. TP-Link

Some models offer built-in 4G network compatibility that works seamlessly with the camera to send alerts and live views directly on a device. Others feature dual-band WiFi connectivity with 5GHz support that provides better, faster, and stronger connections.

Other popular features to look out for include PIR motion detection, night vision, and two-way talk that allows users to communicate with anyone on the porch in real time. Most solar cameras on the market operate at high definition rates and are able to provide crisp, clear video footage.

Many solar security cameras have advanced storage systems that can be accessed via the device’s app or on cloud-based platforms available through their brands. Several of the best solar cameras also come with a backup power source that can be charged through a USB port, micro SD slots, or by using eco-friendly rechargeable batteries for added peace of mind. The devices are also able to work in non-optimal weather conditions including rain, sleet, and snow. In addition, some are equipped with infrared LED lighting to scope out any possible threats even at night.

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