Why Choose Ibiden As Your HDI PCB Manufacturer?

hdi pcb manufacturer

Why Choose Ibiden As Your HDI PCB Manufacturer?

A hdi pcb manufacturer can provide you with a prototype of your circuit board to help you evaluate different designs. These prototypes can include stacked, staggered, blind, and buried vias. They also offer a lower layer count and smaller size.

Bittele Electronics has been designing HDI PCBs since 2003. It offers low-volume production and a full range of services.

High-density interconnects

In addition to reducing overall costs, HDI PCBs provide better signal integrity and shorter circuit paths. This allows designers to pack more components onto a smaller board without sacrificing performance or reliability. This technology also reduces manufacturing times, which leads to a faster time to market.

High-density interconnects are essential in a number of applications, including medical equipment. Implants and other electronic devices must be small enough to fit into the body while delivering high transmission speeds. These benefits make HDI the ideal choice for these types of devices.

A reliable hdi pcb manufacturer will use the latest technology and tools to produce high-density interconnects. They will employ a combination of blind and buried vias to improve signal routing. These techniques are ideal for reducing the thickness of the board, and they can hdi pcb manufacturer even be used to replace through-holes. This process is typically a 10- to 12-step process that requires specialized equipment and skilled technicians.

High-density interconnects are also useful for mobile / cellular phones, touch screen devices, and laptop computers. They are also popular in military applications such as avionics and smart munitions. They are also suitable for automobiles, as they can support more components while keeping the size and weight down. In addition, these PCBs are also able to withstand harsh environments. This is important for ensuring the safety of workers and other personnel.

High-speed signal transmission

High-speed signal transmission is crucial for PCBs, especially when used in advanced applications like touch-screen devices, 4G network communications, and autonomous driving. High-density interconnect PCBs allow for better component placement and faster signal transmission by using smaller trace widths, higher pin pitches, and less space between layers. This technology is particularly useful in automotives, where the need for higher-speed signals and larger batteries will drive the market for HDI PCBs.

The high-speed performance of HDI PCBs depends on the substrate material and the track length. A PCB’s insulator material and track layout affect the signal integrity, which can lead to problems like delay, reflections, and crosstalk. To overcome these issues, designers must identify the highest operating frequency in their design, and ensure that the traces are treated as transmission lines. The track length must be at least 1/10 of the wavelength of this frequency, and the traces must be insulated from the board’s solid plane.

Sierra Circuits specializes in HDI PCB production and offers a wide variety of options, including multi-layer boards with blind and buried vias. These vias are less prone to corrosion and offer higher electrical performance than standard thru-holes. In addition, Sierra’s fast turnaround times and competitive pricing allow designers to bring their products to market more quickly. The company also offers a no-minimum order quantity and full intellectual property protection.


In the world of electronics, we are constantly striving to pack more capabilities into smaller packages. This is HDI PCB Manufacturer Supplier where HDI technology comes in. Designed with blind, buried and micro vias, via in pad technology and thin traces, an HDI circuit board can pack more functionality into a smaller space. This allows the device to run more efficiently, reduces power consumption and improves signal integrity due to shorter signal paths.

This technology can be used to amplify the performance of small devices such as VR headsets, Apple watch and military grade equipment. In the future, we may even be able to use it in our cars!

HDI PCBs require specialized equipment like laser drills, laser direct imaging capability and special clean room environments. They also have finer lines and tighter spacing and annular rings, which can cause manufacturing defects if not managed properly. In addition, the materials are typically thinner, so there’s a higher risk of electrical noise.

When designing an HDI circuit board, you must carefully consider fabrication limits when determining your layer count. This will determine the via size you need to design with, as well as the minimum clearance between layers. You should also consider the ball pitch of the largest IC on the board, as this will influence the number of layers required for routing. The unified design environment in Altium Designer can automatically generate Gerbers, EDB files, drill tables, a bill of materials and assembly drawings for your new HDI PCB.

Ibiden Co. Ltd.

Founded on November 25, 1912, Ibiden Co Ltd produces electronics and ceramic products. Its Electronics division provides IC package substrates, printed wiring boards, and pattern design for PCBs. The Ceramics segment offers environment related ceramic products, graphite specialty products, and ceramic fibers. The Others segment processes agricultural, marine and fisheries products, sells petroleum products, designs and constructs slopes, garden landscape and various facilities, provides medical software, produces Styrol automotive components, and provides electrode for high-precision electric discharge machining. Ibiden has operations worldwide. The company is headquartered in Ogaki, Gifu, Japan. Get access to unparalleled technology insights, in-depth private company data and the ability to compare companies across industries and geographies. Subscribe to PitchBook today.

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