Wood Card – A Stylish Way to Leave a Lasting Impression

Wood Card – A Stylish Way to Leave a Lasting Impression

Wood Card is a great way to send a special message to loved ones. It can be engraved with any text you want, and it is sure to impress your recipient.

Carved woodworking business cards Wood Card are popular for their intricate designs and details. They can also create a unique tactile experience for the recipient.

Natural wood

Wood Card is a unique material that offers both natural beauty and durability. It is made from 100% Finnish birch multi-ply plywood and is lightweight. The wood has a beautiful swirling grain, a wide range of colors and excellent strength and durability characteristics. The wood is sustainably harvested and one tree is planted for every one used in the manufacturing of the cards. The cards are printed with premium white ink, ensuring that the text and images are clearly visible against the textured wood surface. This type of stock is suitable for both elegant and casual designs.

The natural grain of the wood can cause color shifts and abrasions in the printed design. It is best to use minimal ink coverage on this type of stock. It works well with high-contrast designs, such as those using bold fonts and dark backgrounds. The textured surface is ideal for laser engraves and other fine designs.

GHC uses seven species of raw natural wood sourced from commercially-planted forests and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This FSC certification ensures that the trees are harvested without deforestation or further pollution to the earth. GHC also plants one tree for each wood product it makes, including hotel RFID key cards. The company’s goal is to be the leading supplier of eco-friendly hospitality wood products in the world.

Laser engraved

Laser engraving is a technique that uses a focused laser beam to melt or vaporize the surface of wood, creating marks and designs. It is an excellent tool for making signs, personalization, decorations, gifts, and art pieces. It is important to know how to avoid burn marks when engraving wood, because these can ruin the look of your engraved item. One of the best ways to prevent burn marks is to use a masking tape that is attached to the wood before using the laser. The tape will prevent the wood from burning or vaporizing, and will also protect the surface underneath it.

Another factor to consider is the resin content of the wood. If the wood has a high resin content, it will be darker when engraved, and will leave a dark pattern. On the other hand, if the wood has low resin content, it will be lighter when engraved.

You should also take the shade and streaking of the wood into consideration when choosing a laser engraver. xTool D1 Pro is an ideal laser engraver for wood, as it can etch both thin and thick materials with a good level of precision. Additionally, it can handle various types of wood, such as basswood plywood, walnut plywood, and Fraxinus mandshurica plywood. In addition, it can engrave the back of the wood as well.


Wooden cards are a unique and stylish way to leave a lasting impression. They are also an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic business cards, and can be engraved with your company logo or other information. These cards are made from a variety of different types of wood, and are available in both light and dark colors. They can also be laser engraved with colorless text for a more subtle look. Minimalist designs emphasize the use of negative space and simple shapes to create a clean and modern look that is easy to read.

The wood used for wood cards is grown in commercial forests and harvested using sustainable forest management practices. The material is then cut into small wooden sheets and laminated with RFID chips. These wood chips are embedded in the card using a proprietary technology, and can be used as keycards for hotel chains such as Hilton, IHG, Marriott, Sheraton, Hyatt, Choice, Four Seasons, and Westin.

The cards are also reusable, and can be used as a gift or a decorative item. They are available in a variety of sizes and can be custom engraved for any occasion. They can also be paired with NFC chips for a more mifare desfire 4k functional and impressive design. The NFC chip can be programmed to instantly connect the recipient to your website or other pre-programmed link.

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