The Benefits of Electric Motorcycles

Electric Motorcycles

The Benefits of Electric Motorcycles

Powered by electricity instead of internal combustion, electric motorcycles use a battery to run their motor. They can be started with a turn of the key, just like a regular bike.

Chopper builder Mike Corbin made a prototype with lead-acid batteries and regenerative braking in 1970. It never made it to market, but his work helped bring modern electric bikes into the spotlight.

How They Work

Rather than burning fuel and producing exhaust gases, electric motors use electricity supplied by rechargeable batteries. This power is converted into mechanical energy which moves the motorcycle’s wheels. Unlike gas-powered motorcycles, the engines of these vehicles are smaller and do not require oil for lubrication. This means they produce zero emissions and are much quieter to operate.

When a rider twists the throttle on an electric motor, the engine turns the motor’s rotor Electric Motorcycles to generate torque. This instant torque makes the vehicle accelerate faster and smoother than traditional motorcycles. This is especially useful when driving in traffic, as you can easily leave other vehicles behind and reach your destination with ease.

However, when you first start riding an electric bike it is worth being cautious. The sudden surge of linear forward motion, combined with the lack of need to engage a clutch or change gears can be intimidating for some riders. You should also practice proper riding posture to ensure you’re able to control your bike at high speeds and in difficult terrain.

Another benefit of electric motorcycles is that they do not experience the same power loss as gas bikes when climbing hills or in mountainous areas. Additionally, they do not require oil, spark plugs, or air filters, which means you can spend less time and money on maintenance and repairs.


Unlike traditional motorcycles with their complex internal combustion engines, electric motorbikes use electric motors and batteries that require far less maintenance. That means you’ll never have to deal with air filters, spark plugs, or oil changes. Additionally, because EVs use regenerative braking, they don’t have to rely on the mechanical components of a clutch and gearbox.

Electric motorcycles also offer more range than gas bikes. While the exact amount of mileage varies by rider style, most manufacturers provide specifications such as city and highway ranges to give you a rough idea of what each model is capable of.

The best electric motorcycles boast ranges that are enough for a day of riding. For example, Zero’s SR boasts an impressive 223 miles in the city and a dizzying 84 mph on the highway. Damon’s upcoming Hypersport Premier is set to eclipse that mark with a claimed 261 mile range.

With such high ranges and affordable pricing, anyone can enjoy the fun of riding an electric motorcycle. And since EVs produce no noise or pollution, they’re good for the environment, too. With makers from tiny Swedish startups like Cake Kalk to big-name Harley-Davidson offering e-motos in styles to appeal to every biker, you’re sure to find one that suits your needs. Just make sure you choose an e-motorcycle with a seat height and riding position that will suit you.

Top Speed

The best electric motorcycles are a lot faster than your standard gas-powered bike. Depending on the model and configuration, an electric motorcycle can reach speeds of up to 125 mph.

The fastest electric motorcycles have motors that can deliver a maximum of 750 watts, enough to give you a head-snapping boost when you hit the pedals. These high-powered bikes can also go faster and further between charges than their lower-powered counterparts.

While the quickest street-legal EVs are often a bit expensive, you can find some that cost less than $24K. For example, the new Luna Scrambler and Racer start at just over that amount and both qualify for a federal tax credit. Both models come with a hand-crafted frame, Ohlins suspension, and ISR Performance brakes.

Another option is the Electra LiveWire, which boasts the ability to accelerate like a Harley-Davidson gas-powered bike costing millions of dollars. The 0-60 time of 3 seconds is more than fast enough to get you out of most traffic jams, and the bike can travel up to 120 miles on a single charge.

The Energica Ego+ is the third-fastest e-motorcycle on the market, capable of hitting 125 mph. It’s also one of the most affordable models in this category and can be recharged to 80% capacity in under 50 minutes. Energica also makes the 2022 Zero SR/S and SR/F models, which both reach 124 mph but have more of a sports-bike feel.


In contrast to gas-powered motorcycles, electric ones produce no harmful emissions. This is a significant benefit for the environment as well as people who live in urban areas that struggle with air pollution. In addition, the absence of a noisy engine means that riders can more easily blend in with traffic.

However, some longtime riders object to this quiet aspect of their new bikes, arguing that it’s a safety issue since drivers might not hear them coming and may be unaware that they’re on the road. Electric Sightseeing Car This is a valid concern, but it should also be remembered that the noise from the rumble of ICE engines can cause traffic accidents as well, so it’s important to pay attention to other vehicles on the road, signal properly, and wear reflective gear.

Before every ride, check that all of the bike’s lights are functioning properly, and that the headlight is aimed at the right spot. Likewise, always check that the tire pressure is in the correct range; this will allow the tires to grip the road well and bear the weight of your bike. Additionally, clean the bike often to prevent dirt and debris from damaging the motor or scratching the paintwork. It’s also a good idea to keep records of your journeys during the first weeks and months of ownership to get an accurate sense of how far you can go before your battery runs out of power.

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