Types of Mobile Phone Cases

mobile phone case

Types of Mobile Phone Cases

If you drop your phone a lot, a durable case is a good way to protect it. You can also add a tempered glass protector for extra protection against scratches.

If you’re looking for a transparent case, check out this one made from Aramid Fiber. It’s five times stronger than steel and is very light.

Hard Case

The hard case mobile phone case encases the smartphone in its own shell, allowing for some of the most reliable and durable protection. This type of case is typically made of plastic, specifically polycarbonate (PC), a tough, durable material that’s also used to make shatterproof security windows and eyeglass lenses.

These cases are slim, lightweight, and available in a wide range of colors and finishes, including matte and gloss. They’re popular with people who want to protect their phones from bumps and scratches without adding too much bulk or weight to their devices.

They’re also often designed to be aesthetically pleasing, so that they match the look and feel of the device itself. Some are printed with bright, vivid colors that can withstand the test of time, while others feature photos or designs that reflect a person’s personality.

The hardest part of designing a custom hard case is coming up with a design that will appeal to your target audience. You can do this by drawing something by hand and scanning it, or you can create graphic art digitally using a tool like Photoshop or Canva. You can also hire a professional to design a case for you. Ultimately, the design you choose will be the biggest differentiator between your products and those of your competition. It will speak to the people you’re trying to reach and help them decide if they want to buy your product or not.

Soft Case

Soft cases are a great alternative to hard phone cases as they offer flexibility and a case that perfectly fits the mobile model. They can be made out of TPU plastic, leather or silicone for the eco-conscious. However, soft cases are prone to staining and can stretch out. They also do not perform well when it comes to impact resistance.

TPU is a very popular material for soft phone cases as it offers a flexible and rubbery feel. This makes it comfortable to hold and grip, preventing the user from accidentally dropping their mobile phone. The main drawback of this material is that mobile phone case it can absorb moisture, causing it to lose its elastic properties. Therefore, it is important to keep the TPU case clean and dry.

Real leather is an environmentally friendly option, but it can tarnish and get stained with sweat, dead skin cells and smoke. Despite these drawbacks, the leather case is the most premium soft phone case and offers the best protection. It is also more expensive than TPU. Combination cases are also available, which feature a hard cover around the phone with a soft cushion layer inside. This combination is thought to improve shock absorption and allow for better redistribution of force when the phone falls. This is especially beneficial for those who work in environments that are prone to heat.

Silicone Case

Typically made of silicone, these cases are soft and flexible. They protect the phone against scratches, minor bumps and drops but don’t offer much mobile phone case protection against water or dust exposure. They also fit snugly and have a comfortable grip. Silicone cases are less expensive than aluminum or leather cases but can stretch or wear out over time. They are also easy to clean, making them ideal for anyone who wants a case that’s inexpensive and convenient.

Another advantage of a silicone case is that it’s environmentally friendly, unlike plastic cases. When burned, silicone combusts without emitting harmful bi-products, which makes it an excellent choice for our more earth-conscious world. Additionally, it’s incredibly durable, which is especially important for a phone case that could be dropped or handled frequently.

However, if you prefer a harder case, try an aluminum or leather case instead. They offer excellent protection against bumps, scratches and minor drops, are easier to clean, and can provide a stylish aesthetic that complements your phone’s design. They’re also a better option for those who want a more durable, lightweight case that won’t impact their phone’s signal strength. If you’re interested in a hard, durable case that is also easy to clean, check out our MagEZ Case Pro. It’s made from TPU and Aramid Fiber, a futuristic material that’s five times stronger than steel and as light as aluminum.

Transparent Case

A transparent case is a great way to show off the design of your phone. It is made of durable plastic materials and is tough enough to protect your phone from bumps and scratches. It is also lightweight and easy to grip.

The most common type of damage to a mobile phone is a cracked screen. Although modern phones have tough Corning glass and plastic composite screens, they can still shatter if they are hit at the wrong angle. Many people choose to use a transparent case for their mobile phone because they want to show off their beautiful designs.

If you buy a transparent case, it is important to wash it often. It should be washed by hand with soap and water. Never put it in the microwave or dryer. Hot temperatures can cause the plastic to turn yellow and make it less clear.

It is also important to keep your transparent case out of direct sunlight. UV rays can discolor your phone case and change its color. The best way to avoid this is to store your transparent case in a cool place when you are not using it. Also, it is important to avoid washing your transparent phone case with abrasive cleaners. This can scuff the surface of the case and make it appear cloudy or yellow.

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