Waterproof Irrigation Wire Connectors

waterproof irrigation wire connectors

Waterproof Irrigation Wire Connectors

Waterproof irrigation wire connectors are important for protecting your sprinkler system’s electrical connections from moisture. Moisture can corrode non-waterproof wiring connections, which can cause shorts in the system. Solder waterproof connectors are designed to resist corrosion and provide moisture protection, ease of installation, durability and versatility.

Simply push your decoder or waterproof irrigation wire connectors solenoid wire into the cap and twist! Perfect for all low voltage decoder-to-solenoids and decoder-to-controller connections.

Grease Tube

This grease is formulated to adhere to metal parts and stay in place even under high pressure, heavy loads, and shock loads. It’s also able to resist wash off and corrosion in wet environments, making it ideal for food-processing applications. The grease is NSF registered H1 and FDA compliant for incidental food contact. This grease comes in cartridges that only work with Controlled-Use Food-Grade Lever-Grip Grease Guns, ensuring that only the proper amount of grease is used in sensitive environments.

This centralized system is a great choice for large-scale lubrication in manufacturing, mining, and construction industries. It’s easy to maintain and provides more precise lubrication than manual methods. The parallel system distribution block has one header and multiple independently-cycled injectors in various sizes, allowing you to customize the system based on your needs.

The lubrication system includes a follower rod, which is pulled before inserting a new tube of grease. It offers holding power and helps the plunger maintain uniform direction. The hydraulic grease fitting is commonly called a nipple, Alemite, or Zerk fitting. It’s available in vertical or angled designs. A hose or fixed tube can be attached to the grease fitting for easier positioning of the coupler or connector. A grease gun meter can be retrofitted to the nipple fitting for more accurate measurement of lubricant consumption, and plastic caps prevent debris, corrosion, and cross-contamination.

DryConn Blue/Blue

King Innovation’s Blue low voltage wire connectors are corrosion proof and water resistant, making them ideal for irrigation systems or landscape lighting applications. These durable connectors eliminate loose connections that can cause electrical fires and allow for easy one step installation. They are designed to handle up to 600V for building wire and 1000V for signs or luminaries and feature a silicone sealant that never hardens. The extra large, direct burial connector is also perfect for making low voltage splices of tracer wire, cathodic protection systems and test leads. They are suitable for all outdoor electrical connections, including those exposed to condensation, water vapors and dust.

Rain Bird King

For residential systems, the Rain Bird King is waterproof splice connectors the ideal electrical connector for connecting irrigation signal cable to your solenoid valves. Installed in your valve box, the Rain Bird King watertight connector ensures a secure connection that will not be compromised by moisture. With an ability to join up to 3 wires together, the Rain Bird King connector is an ideal solution for linking your control cable to your irrigation zone controllers and other components.

Easily access, manage and track your irrigation system with the free Rain Bird app. Enjoy peace of mind with automated scheduling and seasonal adjustment to avoid over-watering. Set your system to automatically delay watering during rainfall and adjust watering times based on soil conditions. Receive alerts on your mobile device for electrical, programming or flow issues.

The Root Watering System from Rain Bird helps trees and shrubs grow strong roots by irrigating below ground grade, minimizing damage to hardscapes. This subsurface irrigation provides deeper and more expansive roots for transplantation survivability, stability in high winds and fast, healthy growth.

Field Decoders from Rain Bird provide easy, cost-effective installation and expansion for your SiteControl decoder or ESP-LXD central control system. With five different decoders to choose from, you can select a model that will operate one, two, four or six valves/solenoids. Designed to be installed out of sight, decoders are out of the elements and protected from vandalism.

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