LED Warning Lights

Led Warning Lights

LED Warning Lights

Browse Australia’s leading range of LED emergency lights, sirens and control systems. These products are designed to keep you and your crew safe while working on the roadside or at the scene of an accident.

Strobe emergency lights flash a sequence of bright light in a specific pattern. They are more visible than regular bar lights and can help to distinguish you from other vehicles.

Surface Mount LED Light

The shape, color and intensity of light play a crucial role in defining physical space. The right lighting solutions enhance the aesthetics of interior spaces while promoting a comfortable work environment.

Surface Mount LED lights are a simple and cost-effective alternative to traditional recessed lights. They offer a sleek appearance and come with an integrated ENERGY STAR LED light source that can help you save energy and money.

LED bulbs use up to five times less power than their halogen or Xenon predecessors and have minimal heat dissipation, so they don’t waste any energy as they run. LEDs can also be grouped together to create a multicolor LED light that offers red, green and blue illumination, allowing you to match the lighting needs of any application.

Surface Mount LED lights are available in a range of configurations and finishes, so you can easily find one that meets your specifications. They’re also a great option for upgrading an existing emergency Led Warning Lights vehicle because they install right over the old light fixtures, eliminating the need for messy re-wiring.

Emergency Light Bar

An Emergency Light Bar is a long rectangular light strip that mounts to the roof of your vehicle. It can be outfitted with multiple colors, flash patterns, and features to meet your specific needs. These lights will help you stand out and get the attention of other drivers on the road.

These lights are used by police, fire, ambulance services, emergency blood transport, and other similar public service vehicles. They may also be seen on utility trucks, garbage collection vehicles, and other private commercial vehicles that need to attract attention to their presence in traffic.

Many models of emergency lights use LED technology, allowing for a wide variety of colors and flash patterns. Some can even switch between colors, creating a unique display that stands out against the surrounding scenery. Studies have shown that strobe lights convey a sense of urgency to other drivers, speeding up the time it takes them to reach the scene. This helps save lives and reduce congestion. Some jurisdictions require certain law enforcement officers to use specific color lighting, such as red and white for fire vehicles and blue for police vehicles.

Hideaway Lights

Hideaway lights are compact and discreet LED warning lights that mount within the existing lenses of emergency vehicle headlights and taillights. These lights are perfect for police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, and maintenance or service vehicles that require a powerful but hidden light system.

They feature a variety of flash patterns and synchronization capabilities that allow them to be used with other strobe lights on the same vehicle. They also offer a sleek design that allows them to blend into the existing lighting on your vehicle, making them an ideal choice for vehicles that double as law enforcement equipment or volunteer rural fire services.

Abrams MFG’s Impact 6 is the first hideaway light of its kind to feature a driver built inside the unit, as opposed to in-line. It is available in a high or low dome model and has 34 selectable flash combinations, allowing it to be used as a single light or synchronized with up to 19 other lights. Waterproof, it is suitable for surface or internal mounting with a black flange and rubber gasket.

Fire Truck Lights

Fire trucks are often outfitted with lights and sirens that alert the public of their presence while responding to a call. These lights can help drivers and pedestrians react to the emergency and avoid collisions with the vehicle.

Advances in LED technology have made it possible for firehouses to configure light packages that meet their needs and NFPA standards. As a result, LED warning lights are becoming the norm for fire apparatus.

Depending on the state, laws vary about what color and frequency of lights must be used on fire vehicles and other emergency response vehicles. Generally, these vehicles are required to show red lights while blocking the right of way, and Led Warning Lights they may also use blue lighting or combinations of red and white or amber lights.

Manufacturers have now made it possible to produce a combination of emergency response lights that will be more compact than previous generations and take up less space on the apparatus. Additionally, they have also developed tools that help users validate if the selected lights will satisfy NFPA minimum standards for synchronization and intensity.

Ambulance Lights

Adding LED ambulance lights to your vehicle can improve your visibility and reduce the amount of time it takes for you to respond to emergencies. They are easy to install and use less power than traditional halogen lights. They also have a longer life expectancy. These emergency lights are also moisture- and shock-resistant.

Strobe warning lights come in a variety of colors, and they can be configured to suit your specific needs. Some are designed to work with your fire truck siren system, while others are standalone modules. Some are mounted above the cab and some are built into the front grill of your vehicle.

The color of the lights you choose can denote what type of service you provide or your role in an incident. For example, in some jurisdictions, blue lights denote police and red light denotes fire trucks. In other states, volunteer EMTs use green lights. Other utilities, such as railroad security, highway maintenance and electricity/gas units which respond to incidents, can utilize yellow or amber lights.

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