Solar Cctv Camera 4g Review

solar cctv camera 4g

Solar Cctv Camera 4g Review

A solar cctv camera 4g is an off-grid security camera that doesn’t need WiFi or electricity. It uses a sim card and cell data network to transmit videos remotely. Many of them require monitoring service fees and cloud storage subscriptions, but others like Reolink Go don’t (with FREE basic plan).

Installation is simple with no need for wires – just place the solar panel and camera in sunny locations. You can monitor them from any device or computer, day and night.


This 4G solar power outdoor CCTV camera is the ideal solution for remote sites that don’t have a power supply or internet connection. It’s a stand-alone system powered by the sun and a prepaid SIM card. This makes it easy to fit and use, making it a popular choice for farms and unoccupied industrial sites. The battery should last for weeks or even months without a charge with moderate usage. It also has a built-in 8GB eMMC storage in case the SD card fails.

The camera has motion detection – you will receive an alert when someone comes close to solar powered 4g security camera the property. It will also send you a live stream via your phone or tablet. This feature is useful for preventing theft of materials, equipment or tools on construction sites, job sites, boats, barns, second homes, and more.

The cameras use a prepaid SIM card so you can monitor your property anytime, anywhere, and they are very affordable to maintain. They have no monitoring service fees or cloud storage subscriptions (FREE for basic plan). You can also use a USB charging point to boost the battery if necessary. They also offer a 3-hour timer for automatic shutdown at night to save energy. With a high definition 1080p resolution and night vision capabilities, these cameras are a great option for residential or commercial applications.


This 4G solar power CCTV kit provides an easy-to-install solution that combines sustainability and security. It uses solar panels to convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity, which then feeds into a backup battery to provide continuous power for the camera. The camera can then transmit live video via a cellular network, and works with most cell phone carriers. It also has built-in motion detection and alarm triggers, making it ideal for monitoring remote sites.

This solar powered PTZ camera can be viewed at any time day or night from your phone, tablet or PC. It can also be used to record HD video and audio to a micro SD card or Cloud service. It has a powerful 355 degree horizontal and vertical rotation, and 5x digital zoom. The camera will send you and authorised users a push notification if motion is detected.

It can be set to record in colour or IR at night. It can also be programmed to flash an LED for a 10 second period, which is an effective deterrent and a big warning to intruders. It can even be set to announce a voice alert or talk through the camera remotely from your phone if triggered by a pre-recorded message. The camera enters a standby mode when no recording or motion is detected, so it will only use battery power and SIM data when required.


Unlike traditional CCTV systems, solar powered cameras can be installed without having to worry about power supplies and electricity wiring. This allows them to be used in remote locations where wired networks and electricity are not readily available. They are also easy to install and operate, making them an ideal solution for home security. However, like any other technology, solar security cameras are not without their drawbacks. These include the need to periodically perform maintenance on the solar panel and battery, as well as assessing the storage capacity for maximum efficiency.

Evaluation: Today’s solar cameras are more advanced and integrated. They use the special module to connect to the network, eliminating the need for laying cable grooves and making installation simpler. This reduces the cost of construction, saves time, and is easier to maintain after a period of operation. It is also possible to monitor the camera from a computer or smartphone.

To ensure that the system functions optimally, it is important to keep the solar panel in direct sunlight and regularly clean it from dust or debris. In addition, a good quality 4G solar kit will solar cctv camera 4g also have a backup power option so that it can continue to function even in the event of cloudy conditions. This will allow you to monitor your property at any time, wherever you are in the world.


The camera has a built-in high capacity rechargeable battery, which can be charged by the integrated solar panel. The battery can supply enough energy for 6000 wake-ups (the solar energy supplement 250 wake-ups per hour). This camera is ideal for remote locations with limited power and internet access. It is a cost-effective solution for construction sites, oil and gas wells, storage yards, ranch and wildlife monitoring and more. It can be easily installed in under 20 minutes and is ready to use with a pre-configured SIM card, which works worldwide with no activation fees or contracts. Customers can update the data plan in the Ubox app based on their actual needs and budget.

To ensure optimal performance, it is important to maintain the camera regularly. Check the camera for physical damage and clean the lens to optimize image quality. It is also a good idea to install firmware updates, which are available through the camera’s mobile app or web interface. This will help you benefit from the latest security enhancements. Proper maintenance can also help to extend the lifespan of the solar cctv camera 4g.

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