An Indoor Play Place is a Great Place to Make New Friends

indoor play place

An Indoor Play Place is a Great Place to Make New Friends

During open play hours, kids can burn pent-up energy and explore fun games and stimulating activities. This is also a great time to make new friends!

Kids can service cars at the auto shop, cook up pizza, and even stop by the supermarket at this kid-friendly space. Open-ended activities encourage imaginative play and STEM-focused learning.


Indoor play can be just as creative and stimulating as outdoor play. From craft projects to board games, kids can learn problem-solving and critical thinking skills while engaging in fun activities. Indoor play also encourages physical activity, allowing children to burn off energy while enjoying activities they love.

Many indoor playgrounds are designed to be safe and geared toward children of all ages. Often they are equipped with soft flooring and padded equipment to reduce the risk of injury. This allows parents to relax and enjoy the play experience knowing their child is in a safe environment.

Providing consistent supervision is an essential part of indoor play. Keeping a line of sight view of children at all times can greatly reduce incidents of bullying, physical conflict and peer-to-peer child sexual abuse.

Developing procedures and documentation for sanitation, maintenance and monitoring of the indoor play area is another important safety measure. This can help to ensure that the indoor playground is free of health hazards like unsanitary urination and defecation.

It is also important to remind patrons to wash their hands regularly while at the indoor playground, especially before and after eating. This can help to prevent the spread of germs and illnesses, such as norovirus and other intestinal illnesses. In indoor play structure addition, it is important to provide a place for patrons to eat food away from the indoor play area, and to remind them to properly use hand sanitizers after leaving the equipment.


Children often play together at indoor playgrounds, and if they don’t have siblings or neighbors nearby, they get the opportunity to socialize with other kids their age. This is an essential part of healthy child development and can help them develop valuable communication skills at a very early age.

This clean and bright indoor play space has separate areas for different ages, with toys rotated regularly. Its toddler area includes soft play mats, low-height slides and ride-on toys. Other activities include Keebee playboards, sensory tables like bead maze tables and magnetic activity tables, large puzzles and building blocks. There is also an art and fine motor area that features coloring with markers and crayons.

The space is open for drop-ins and private parties, but it can be busy on weekends. To avoid waiting, it’s a good idea to book sessions in advance online.

This indoor learning and play space is a fun place for kids to explore the world without leaving Queens. It offers a curated selection of toys that encourage rich play, and its open-play sessions give parents, therapists and kids an opportunity to interact with one another. Kids can drive around the space in toy cars and pretend to shop in a real indoor play structure supermarket, or make pizza at a hands-on Italian kitchen. It even has a glow-in-the-dark tunnel and a wood cube pit where kids can play with toy dump trucks.


Locally-owned and run, this clean, bright indoor imagination playground is famous for its beautifully-presented birthday parties. The space features a crawler area for ages 2 and under, a junior playground with motorized soft play rides, lego wall, ball blaster arena and balloon house and a main playground with slides, tunnels, obstacles and zip line. Drop-in open-play sessions are available but pre-registration is recommended.

Children’s imagination activities are a great way to develop the brain. Imagination requires the use of many different sensory inputs and the development of new ideas.


It’s well-known that kids need plenty of physical activity to stay healthy. Indoor play places provide the opportunity to meet that requirement when the weather isn’t cooperating, and they also offer an abundance of fun activities that encourage children to exercise their bodies in many ways. Jumping on a trampoline, running through an obstacle course or climbing up a slide are all forms of exercise that help children to develop strength and build muscle. This is an important step in promoting good health habits that will continue throughout their lives.

One of the great things about indoor play is that it encourages children to be creative in their play. They may act out stories and scenarios that seem silly to adults, but it’s a great way for them to express their creativity in a safe space. This can also help them to develop their logical thinking skills, as they might have to think of different ways to solve a problem while playing with toys.

Kids N’ Shape is an indoor playground in NYC that’s designed for kids of all ages. This place features lots of bouncy castles, slides and obstacles that all kids will love. There’s even a toddler area that’s padded and blocked off from the bigger kid areas, making it ideal for parents with wee ones. Open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, this place has walk-in admission and offers discounts for advance reservations.

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